Who Would Win: Gun With a Sword or Sword with a Gun?

Asked by: Atlantic
  • It’s obvious as to why the sword with gun would win

    The sword has a gun, a gun is a very deadly weapon assuming that it would take the same amount of shots to kill a gun with sword as it does a person, the other people use the “the gun with sword can just shoot” but a gun that large would have large recoil and who’s to say it’s even accurate. The SwG could turn to the side because it’s thin and be unseen, and it could also cut the bullets in half.

  • Sword with a gun would win.

    There is a saying: Don't bring a sword to a gun fight.
    Enough said.
    Also, it should be explained if yes/no correspond to gun/sword. It is quite confusing and it should really be explained.
    Ok, so I am just going to type things for the word limit now. And done.

  • Sword with gun:

    The sword with a gun would win because the sword has a long range weapon that could be fired and never dulled; however, a gun with a sword could only fight at close-range hand-to-hand combat and be shot down before getting close enough to make the sword effective. Not to mention that the sword would become dull while trying to cut the sword's gun; swords can cut bullets, guns can dent swords.

  • Yes . .

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  • It would have to be a large gun to hold a normal sword.

    Therefore, the larger gun could fire itself at the large sword with a normal gun. Then it would have more firepower than the small gun. Therefore the gun with a sword would win. The sword with a gun would not be able to destroy either the small sword or the large gun.

  • Um...No...I mean Yes...No, wait '-'

    Question is can the Gun with a sword shoot? And can the sword with the gun headbutt slash? In that case I don't know what to choose. Actually gun with sword. Guns or I imagine hand guns are small therefore harder to hit compared to a tall sword but swords are thin so... I DON'T KNOW

  • Very Interesting. Very interesting indeed.

    This is one of the hardest most interesting questions I have ever encountered in my life. I would have to say that the sword with the gun would win. Mostly because swords are cool, samurai use them. So the sword automatically has a cool factor. Now guns are more dangerous in most circumstances. So the sword with the gun is also more dangerous because he has a gun. When you hear " HE HAS A GUN!" you want to run. But if you hear "HE HAS A SWORD!" you kinda want to check it out, to see the sword, because swords are cool. So the sword with the gun is not only cool because it is a sword, but it is dangerous because it has a gun.

  • The sword with a gun!

    You know, I find this question really hilarious. I'd have to say that the sword with a gun would win the fight, as a gun's more powerful than a sword. It may be asked, "Well, then wouldn't the GUN, the gun with the sword, win?" No, as the sword with a gun can use its arm to pull the trigger of the gun it's holding; I don't see how the gun with the sword can get its trigger pulled, on the other hand (no pun intended).

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