Who would win if the United States (yes) and North Korea (no) go to War?

  • This is a rather poorly thought out question....

    First of all we are still at war with North Korea. Second you must define win and or objectives the war needs to meet.

    If this is a war of survival then no North Korea has no chance. They project no power outside their immediate borders. If you are going to fight to achieve change then perhaps its a wasted effort. North Korea cold be rendered a primitive society in a couple days with conventional weapons, or instantly extinct in a matter a minutes.

  • The U.S will win.

    North Korea is not a powerful or wealthy country. They may have some weapons, but they can't reach the U.S. They don't have the manpower either. We, the Americans have too many allies and we would win any wars. Hopefully it doesnt come to that, but some countries are power hungry.

  • Of course the US would win

    Obviously no one here has thought out the facts the US military has the most advanced military in the world. The USA has air superiority with 15,000 of the most advanced jets. The USA also has the most advanced tank the M1 Abrams while the NK still is using WW2 era tanks and aircraft. Also officialy China is supporting the US in this argument between countries. Also we are China's main consumer I doubt they would fight the country that is buying all of their products.

  • Don't be ridiculous, the USA wins in under a week.

    North Korea is a weak country that bases everything on threat of force. If North Korea directly attacked the United States then there wouldn't be a Vietnam War type of war fought, there would be full out kinetic warfare, which still to this day America can not be challenged in. Our forces are far more advanced and better trained. It would be similar to the initial invasion of Iraq where the 3rd largest army in the world fell to the US in just about 96 hours.

  • America would win

    Now I understand that North Korea has over 9 million troops while America only has about 1 million, but better weapons and strategy is everything, and America has both. Most of Korea's troops are nothing but foot soldiers, while America has a bunch of tanks, helicopters, air planes and money. North Korea is a broke country and would not put up much of a fight, there troops are under-fed, and have bad weapons. All America has to do is drop a few nuke bombs and be done with it.

  • Our huge NAVY

    Our navy is bigger than the rest of the worlds combined. We have drones that could blow north korea back to the stone age which isnt far considering how their leader treats his people anyways. If you think north korea is going to win then you must be from north korea. The united states is and always will have the most advanced military and its not because of china.

  • army size and nuclear arsenal and china and NATO

    We have the largest and best equipped military in the world (if not a very close 2nd) north Korea has the 5th or 4th largest standing army (about 11 million men)

    North Korea has processed enough Plutonium for 10 warheads, but they haven't shrunken the weapons they may have, no one is positive they have nuclear weapons, to weaponize the warheads and make the small enough to put on a war head is a very difficult task. The U.S. Has 8000 warheads.

    We are China's biggest trade ally, if NK attacked us China wouldn't have their back, it would be very bad for the country in the long run. Plus, if China did back them, Australia would stop giving them the raw materials they trade for, Australia is the largest supplier of raw materials to China and one of our allies

    and NATO is still a thing, basically a huge alliance that states in the treaty that an attack against one or more members would be an attack against the entire group

  • we would win

    Well since the united states has won almost every war its ever fought north korea would never stand a chance economy wise and military power wise. The u.S.A has the strongest military in the world and our technology outranks thier 1950s cold war era communist regime and north korea knows that if they struck and part of the u.S. Or its allies they would be beyond wiped off the face of the earth in a nuclear war and or even a ground fought war.

  • Command and Control Wins

    The US brings the most advanced force multiplying tech to the table along with, now, extensive experience in its use. The DPRK has a lot of troops and armor but they have to be able to control them and send them to where they can do the most harm to Allied forces. This is where the fight becomes unbalanced in favor of the US. The DPRK will have great difficulty in disrupting Allied C&C. This means that while US jamming and airstrikes will silence the DPRK commanders from both efficiently communicating with their forces and disrupt the gathering of effective intelligence about Allied movements, US and ROK forces will be able to strike at numerically superior but unaware DPRK forces on the ground and coordinate effective defensive and counter offensive operations with their own naval, air, and armored forces.

  • The US would win.

    Show the dictator that threats against the US and the region simply will not be tolerated. Take out his missles, nuclear facilities and hopefully Kim also. Is the rest of the region not tired already of being threatened all of the time. I hope we do not cave and give into this punk like a bunch a cowards.

  • I think north Korea will win.

    Because the North Korean army have trained hard through the past years and they weaponry is a lot more advanced and subtle. USA has no chance against them and if war does begin I'm 100% sure China, Japan and many more will join North Korea. These countries have weaponry of all kind and if I was apart of the USA Parliament I would not take the step.

  • The NK military is stronger.

    The North Koreans have a stronger, more focused military than the U.S.

    The U.S have proven themselves as ineffective, even with superior technology. Look at Afghanistan for example. The U.S have been fighting a bunch of thugs with rifles and have still not won. How on earth are they going to take on a force like NK???

    What should also be noted is that the US is already spread too thin.

    The US would suffer a humiliating defeat. That would explain why Bush and Obama are avoiding any action against them, preferring to attack loosely formed groups instead. Well, the US cannot even do that with success.

    Just the truth.

  • Please consider China?

    U.S. Might be more powerful than North Korea but a war between these two countries wouldn't stay as a 1v1 for long. America might have some allies but are they willing to go up in this war? North Korea and China are allies and throughout the last decade China has easily risen above America in so many ways. They could destroy America's economy ceasing U.S to end the war that war or they could beat them with brute strength and numbers seeing how it's militia run.

  • Long, expensive, bloody fight, but ultimately NK will win

    Many people seem to think fighting NK will be easy, but it's not. The terrain of North Korea consists mostly of hills, mountains, deep narrow valleys. Logistically speaking, invading NK will be a complete nightmare. Moving men, tanks, artillery, food, supplies, etc along these mostly-undeveloped roads will mean the US will be sitting ducks for hardened NK forces to attack with ease on their home turf. This will drag the supply chain process, ultimately slowing down the war effort, costing billions in losses and many lives. This will not be a quick war. The NK treacherous terrain, combined with very brutal winter seasons, will only allow very difficult fighting conditions the US might not be prepared for. Small victories for the US in certain towns will only be short lived as heavy anti-American propaganda will convince fearful citizens to reclaim the streets using guerrilla-style warfare tactics further sabotaging the US efforts to liberate such cities. It was a different scenario, for example, when Paris was liberated in WW2. By that time, Parisians grew fed up under Nazi rule and were waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike back against the Germans. For a long time, the NK people, however, have been led to believe the US will do nothing but harm, loot, and rape their towns and villages. The NK govt has the support of it's people, making the war efforts even more difficult.

    Though the US has the largest and most high tech Navy and Air Force, North Korea is a formidable foe even with somewhat outdated military technology. We can weaken them by air or by the sea, but NK still needs to be won by good ol' ground personnel. The North also has the 4th largest standing military as well as the world's largest reserve military (8.2 million). We will still be outnumbered, even if the North DOESN'T have the support of China.

    I feel as though China will try it's best to avoid a war, but may supply NK with arms. If China does somehow get flung into war alongside NK, we will be looking at a possible WW3 which the US cannot afford to fight. If China gets involved, Iran and Pakistan will fight beside them. At that time, the US will need to call on Japan, Russia, and India to get involved. Before long, everyone will forget the fact that this was originally about North Korea.

  • Think about the big picture!

    This is definitely a complicated question. If there was a war between America and JUST North Korea than there is absolutely no debate. We would win in a heart beat. However, we need to think about the big picture. This wouldn't only be between the USA and North Korea it would be against China as well. It's not a secret that China would have the upper-hand! Considering all the debt we owe, China could drain our economy in a heart beat, and there'd be very little money left for weapons and important resources.

    If there was a better chance of winning, America would have already waged war.

  • The North Koreans will win due to help of China.

    Even though U.S have the better technology the Chinese have more people. Also more factories to produce weapons for the war. This is very similar to the U.S civil war the north had a better advantage of population and factories so that is how they won. Also China also have the brain, it is call Asian power or in another words Chinese are smarter than the Americans they have ancient plans and really smart and creative plans that U.S don't even have even though Americans have technology the Asians got the brain no matter who got the better technology the one who is smarter will win.

  • It would be fought on Korean soil

    There is no way north korea could invade the USA. However they could quite easily invade south korea which would be the start of any war between the two. If the north invaded the south they have 1.1 million plus 8 million reserves to call upon. As proved in vietnam even with superior military technology you cannot beat a determined enemy in difficult terrain this war would be vietnam x10 in terms of devestation. The only way the USA would win in a nuke strike if that happened the president of the usa would be brought up in the hauge as a war crimminal, And they would not risk the disastrous consequences a nuke strike would have with russia and china. 500000 top american soldiers +6 million top south koreans will equal north korean victory in my opinion against a force of 10million + delutional soldiers who are willing to die for north korea.

  • North Korea, no question.

    If what the YES argument claim are true, don't you think the US would have wiped out the DPRK already? Politicians are not stupid, despite what you might think. If we could defeat North Korea that easily with our advanced technology, of course we would have done so already. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, there were many under those regimes that gladly supported US forces when they invaded. And we still did not win in these cases. In North Korea, the people are so indoctrinated and disciplined that not one would defect should the US invade. So the possibility that the US would be able to conquer the DPRK is out of the question. Its very logical I am suprised so many think we can win.

  • The cost of human life

    In this conflict its easy to see the US has the ability to destroy the country and get the tubby tyrant out of james bond look a like bad guy roll n resemble Saddam
    But the cost of human life is too great to say there will be a "winner" if winning means achieving the goal or regime change then yes the US no doubt
    But the fact this tubby tyrant does have sleeper cells all over the planet he does have chemical n biological weapons as well few nukes
    Imo thats enuff to cause a moral defeat
    One needs to look within before answering a black n White question as who will win
    End of the day humanity looses

  • They use illegal weapons

    They use banned blind lasers, and they also have chemical gases. And while most of their force is made of militia, they have a large amount of special forces. You guys say u.S will nuke nk. What's to stop them from nuking us?They would also have allies to help them.

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Anonymous says2013-04-16T18:04:26.773
Why won't the US go ahead and take out the mobile missile's that North Korea has pointed at South Korea or our allies? They should have a massive military build up off their coast, regardless of whether or not the region likes it and after taking out the mobile missle launchers on the coast attack North Korea with everything they have if North Korea evenly remotely retaliated for us taking out their ready to fire missiles.

Show fat kim that he WILL NOT threaten the US with a nuclear strike without graves consequences.