Who would win in a fight: Darth Maul (yes) or Wolverine (no)?

Asked by: countzander
  • Ranged attacks, better strategy, better weaponry, better speed and mobility and psi-ops

    I can envision some difficulty overcoming the famous metal skeleton with a lightsaber. However, this must be understood to be a defensive structure, and not offensive. Maul also possesses defensive capabilities that are admirable, such as superhuman strength, agility and speed.

    I break down the edges as follows:

    Defense: Wolverine (regeneration, adamantium skeleton)

    Ranged attacks: Darth Maul (Saber throw, force choke, levitation)

    Mid-Range Attacks: Darth Maul (Double-sided lightsaber, modified range attacks, greater speed and agility)

    Close Range Attacks: Wolverine (His claws)

    X Factor: Darth Maul's familiarity with advanced weaponry, possible psychic attacks and ability to (nearly) fly, all give him an advantage here. The combat/martial arts skill of the two combatants are very close. Were it to simply be an MMA cagefight, then the winner would alternate from night to night.

    Peripheral: As the main character, Wolverine's death would effectively end whatever story he was appearing in. Darth Maul can be killed with minimal literary impact. I have discounted this as a factor.

    These edges indicate a high likelihood that Wolverine would face extreme challenges getting close enough to Maul to injure or kill him. At the same time, Darth Maul could reasonably be expected to deal grievous, but possibly non-lethal injuries to Wolverine from a distance. Many of these attacks cannot be defended against with a metal skeleton, such as suffocation. These injuries must degrade Wolverine's ability to compete, and allow Maul to be the expected winner.

  • Darth Maul would win.

    While Wolverine is a more skilled combatant and possesses an astonishing regenerative healing factor, Darth Maul possesses one key advantage: the force. Despite Wolverine's speed and aggression, Darth Maul would have only to telekinetically hold Wolverine in place, walk up to him, and decapitate him using his light saber.
    Even if Darth Maul couldn't hold Wolverine in place, Darth Maul could simply hold out his light saber and force pull Wolverine onto it.

  • Clearly Darth Maul

    I am not sure I can even fill up the 50 word minimum on this one. The answer is so clear: Darth Maul is a Sith, before Wolfie even could get near him, Maul would electrify him. That, and Star Wars is clearly better than X men, but that's topic for a different day.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Darth Maul has the Force

    It is entirely up for debate how well a lightsaber would cut through adamantium. Given that it takes a while to cut through some metals that are presumably not as invulnerable, it may be that blows from a saber would not cause fatal damage. However, Darth Maul can use Force choke and various other techniques that can get around the difficulties of Wolverine's skeleton and healing factor.

  • Wolverine is invincible...

    His metal skeleton would obviously be impervious to the light sabre melting it. He has unlimited healing powers, it is never stated that he is invincible, but i think we all know he is. And darth maul is a wimp, he was a pawn and was killed by obi-wan, who wasnt a full jedi at the time (or a newly titled jedi, correct me if im wrong). Darth Maul could never stand up to Wolverine

  • Wolverine by a Hair

    This is the way I see it:

    We know a lightsaber takes time to cut through some metals, I think adamantium would qualify as a metal it would have trouble with, so while Maul could likely do damage over time, he could not simply dismember Wolverine. Therefore, any damage done by the lightsaber (or similarly by other Force attacks) would only slow Wolverine down as he heals.

    However, all Darth Maul would have to do is hold Wolverine back with the Force so that he couldn't attack with his short range weapons. Therefore, it boils down to who tires first.

    Lets say Wolverine gets tired, loses concentration or makes some stupid mistake and Darth Maul gets at him. Maul would have to take time to do any serious damage to Wolverine's adamantium, a time during which Wolverine could either strike out at the close range, or simply run away and heal.

    On the other hand, all it would take is a single swipe from Wolverine's claws during a loss of concentration by Maul due to fatigue, error, or misdirection on the part of Wolverine, and Maul is done.

  • It's wolverine people!

    He has the ability to heal quickly. If you have seen X-men 2, you would recall that he had got shot in the head but was still alive. Soooooooo, who would win is extremely obvious..... Wolverine would totally win, people. I rest my case because i'm a Marvel expert. WOLVERINE!!!!

  • Wolverine will win

    Ok if Darth Maul tried to stab Wolverine. Wolverine would heal. So if Darth Maul ever tried to kill Wolverine he would fail hands down. Wolverine is crazy good at fighting. Wolverine could jump around and stab the heck out of Darth Maul. So at the end of the day everyone knows that Wolverine would win.

  • Dead Darth Maul

    If Obiwan can take Darth Maul down, it's obvious that Wolverine would "DEMAULISH" him. Sure Mr. Maul has a death grip, light saber and a round house kick that would scare Chuck Norris, but Wolverine withstood far more than that when his ENTIRE SKELETON was replaced with adamantium (indestructible BTW). It would be an epic fight, but Wolverine would unmistakably get the win.

  • Wolverine for the win.

    Nothing we know of can destroy adamantium. So I'm going to assume this includes lightsabers because all it is a focused microwave beam in sword form. So this renders wolverine pretty much invincible right off the bat, as well as his ability to regenerate. Darth maul died when he got cut in half. Wolverine would just regrow and kill darth maul. It might take a while, but he'd win

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Anonymous says2013-08-16T16:17:33.903
Wolverine with light saber claws equally trained in the jedi and sith arts

mind = blown