Who would win in a fight: Gambit (yes) or Nightwing (no)?

Asked by: Ernst
  • My favorite character of all superheroes is gambit

    Nightwing doesn't have what it takes to fight gambit. Gambit's kinetic energy can make him very agile and he can charge objects. At his full potential he can charge objects by just looking at the object. Nightwing is just a human with advanced weopnry with no type of super powers.

  • Gambit would win.

    Gambit would win because he can make objects explode with kinetic force. Because of this, he is carrying fifty two grenades on him at all times, which is more than nightwing can fit in his belt. He was raised by theives who taught him how to be quiet when he needs to.

  • Gambit = COOL!

    Well, I have to say that Gambit is just fricken amazing. Gambit has the awesome ability to charge stuff with kinetic power. Really cool, it's hard to express in words. Night wing is still cool, and so is Gambit, but I just honestly think Gambit would win. But, personally, I think Night Wing is cool too.


    Gambit would totally win! He has the awesome ability to charge objects with kinectic energy and zap them at people with an amazing amount of destrutive force. As in night of the sentinels, Gambit took down loots of Magneto sentinals by himself! Also, nightwing's powers just aren't as cool, but I think, in a fight, Gambit would win only by a little bit.

  • Gambit woud win (Gambit being yes and Night Wing is no)

    Ok not only does gambit have mutant powers, put his are to charge objects at will with control over how big a charge. In the comics and animated series, Gambit would charge a staff and Night wing is cool, don't get me wrong, he just doesn't fall under a "super" hero category. Night Wing would be obliterated.

  • Nightwing Would Win

    NW was trained by Batman and is just as good a fighter. He did in fact replace Batman for a certain time. Gambit would be destroyed by Nightwing because NW would dodge all the explosives and win at h2h. Nightwing more agile, better fighter, quicker, and has more gadgets. Nightwing wins easily

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