Who would win in a fight: Godzilla (yes) or Kink Kong (no)?

Asked by: funwiththoughts
  • Overall better Kaiju!

    He has survived way worst thing than kong eg.Being git by missiles,meteors and other daikaiju while Kong died from bullets.Godzilla's abilities also allow him to attack from a distance and can corner kong if desired.Kong is just a big ape with temper problems while Godzilla is the king of of monsters this is the perfect time to ask "what is a king to a god"?

  • Too many reasons.

    Firstly, King Kong's average size is about 50 feet tall, whereas Godzilla, about 350(That's seven times the size of Kong). Secondly, Kong dies in 2 thirds of the movies he appears in, 99% of the time by a conventional military plane. Godzilla, on the other hand, was killed roughly three times, out of the 29 different movies he's appeared in. King Kong only has an electric grasp and the ancient strategy of, "Take the girl and run." Godzilla has atomic breath that could level an entire city block in one puff, organizer G-1 cells that gives him near-instantaneous regeneration, and strategic thinking. Godzilla has also defeated 12 monsters consecutively in quick succession. King Kong's Achievements: Umm...

  • Think about it

    Godzilla is the king of monsters. He is way bigger than kong. If you saw Godzilla 2000 up to Final Wars (2000 to 2004) he was super powerful, he had purple back spines in 2000 to show the increase in power, which changed to a brilliant turquoise in 04. And besides, King kong had to climb up to the top of the empire state building, Godzilla only has to stand on tippy toes

  • Godzilla Hands Down!

    Assuming equal size (which is just being nice in King Kong's favor) Godzilla still has the advantage of Atomic breath offensively, and is defensively more durable. King Kong has been killed by human weapons before; which never seem to phase Godzilla.

    Godzilla has experience fighting many other powerful monsters, which King Kong lacks. Yes, King Kong has taken down a T-Rex or two in his time, but has never had to deal with any super powered opponents. It is also worth noting that the few monsters which have given Godzilla trouble, have all done so through their super powers. No opposing Kaiju has ever subdued Godzilla via straight up brawling, which is all King Kong is physically capable of.

    I know in the one movie where the two faced off it was a draw erring in favor of Kong. But to be fair, in order to reach that outcome, King Kong had to be given buffs that are outside of King Kong's traditional lore, such as his increased size, increased durability, and the ability to absorb lightning. Even then the outcome was questionable as electricity has been portrayed as both a weakness, and a healing element for Godzilla, entirely dependent on what is most convenient for the plot for the given film. And lighting has only been portrayed as a strength for Kong in that lone film.

    Throwing out only the lighting element (due to its inconsistent representation), and (generously) keeping all the other elements the same such as size and durability, Godzilla then clearly wins the one cinematic showdown they've shared.

    The filmmakers only made Kong stand a chance so the movie would do well with American audiences. If you are being objective, and true to the lore surrounding these characters, there is now way King Kong even stands a chance. Godzilla wins, hands down!

  • Just no getting past the size issue.

    1. Godzilla is like 50 times bigger.
    2. Godzilla is nigh-invulnerable, King Kong can be killed by bullets.
    3. KING Kong. GODzilla.
    4. Godzilla has fought pretty much every monster in the book. King Kong has only fought airplanes.
    5. King Kong is JUST a big gorilla. Godzilla is a big dinosaur, AND has tons of hidden powers.

  • King Kong takes it.

    We're comparing the original monsters not the souped up versions. Their about the same size when they originally came out and that's what I'm going to base this on. I love them both, but King Kong would climb on Godzilla and break his jaw open after body slamming him. If your gonna compare a giant 300 foot monster to a 50 foot monster than obviously Godzilla would win. But I'm comparing the originals. The best ones to use. If I'm gonna ask who would win Goku or Vegeta im not gonna say well this one can go super sayian 25 and win. I'm gonna compare just themselves not the sequels.

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