Who would win in a fight: Percy Jackson or Harry Potter.

  • Percy will win

    Percy Jackson was able to beat Ares ARES for crying out loud the god of war at his own game and for the record Percy was offer the chance to become a god he is the son of Poseidon god of the sea earthshaker and was able to one pop two pop bam Typhoon which defeated Zeus Harry start quaking in your spells because Percy Jackson is coming

  • Awesome fighter, Is he.

    Percy Jackson could kill Typhon in 3 seconds. Like, Totally yeah. Boo. Yah. GO PERCY JACKSON! Woo-hoo! Who is the best? He's awesome! Ah hoo! All right! Who let the dogs out. So yeah. Who could beat Percy Jackson? No one! Percy Jackson is the best! Percy Jackson- oh. BYE!

  • Percy will win

    Harry's spells are in the form of lightning bolts. Percy has shown electrokenisis on multiple ocations. Also, 95. 5% of a blood is made of water, Meaning that Percy can control Harry from the inside. Percy is not just a demigod, But a demigod of the big three. Harry Potter loses.

  • Percy would win

    Percy has battled several gods, Titans, And giants, One on one, Multiple times. He's forced Hyperion back, Outmaneuvered ares, And crossed blades with kronos more than once. Percy also has the mark of Achilles which makes him completely untouchable except for one little spot on his back. Even without the mark, Percy has held up the sky in atlas' place. Something which even Hercules struggled with. If we equate this to holding up the total weight of the atmosphere, This means Percy can support a weight of about 5. 75 quadrillion tons. I think it's pretty obvious that Percy would wipe the floor with harry. And even after that, Percy could just use his demigod powers to end the fight whenever he wanted, Like controlling the water inside harry's body to kill him

  • Percy would win.

    A lot of people say Harry can just Adava Kedavra Percy. But humans are like mainly made out of water and Harry may be a wizard, But he is still human. So Percy can literally just kill Harry by getting the water out of him.

    Even if they don't do those (because those two are actions neither would do because of their morals), Percy is really fast and can probably dodge whatever spell Harry casts, AND he's hella good with a sword.

  • Percy by far

    Percy would win and its not even close in my opinion. His morals would help him destroy any foe, Including that of Ares, Kronos, And many others. Percy is a better fighter, A better person, And a better character. As a fan of both trilogies, I can indeed say Percy would win.

  • Greek Gods have been bested by mortals

    All you have to do is have some prep time. Percy is water based so you need to dehydrate him and keep him from water. Second he is not even a major God just the child of one so he will not be OP.

    Harry just has to make him mute and remove the water from his lungs and blind him or do so gravity spell. Sure he is fast but harry is a clever mortal and the greek gods are all a joke.

  • Harry potter would just win with the avada kadavra curse

    I think that harry potter would win because he could just do the avada kavada curse and win. Even though percy jackson can relive in water he would die before that. So I think that harry potter would crush percy jackson in a really cool battle. The battle would be awesome.

  • Harry potter can just use avada kedavra

    Since harry potter has dementors. Dementors can just suck your soul and now your life is pointless, And worse than being dead. Percy Jackson, Sure he can reheal in water. But the killing curse strikes you right away and now your lying on the ground not breathing. That's why Harry Potter is better than percy jackson.

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