• Superman wins in a fair fight

    The fact that so many people have this wrong is astounding. In a fight there is no comparison superman wins. Superman has many powers and completely out matches Batman. Superman can use flight, super strength, super speed, invulnerability, vision, hearing, super Breath. Each of these alone could beat batman who really has no superpowers. Not to take away from the fact that Batman is a entertaining character but he is simply outmatched.

    Now before all of you comic lovers come at me with how wrong I am realize that what your going to respond with are terrible arguments. Batman keeps kryptonite in his belt... Well good for him I keep it in my fanny pack does that mean I am better than superman too? That argument would imply that.

  • Superman All Day, Every Day, And Twice On Sundays.

    It doesn't matter how much of a strategist Batman, one on one he loses. You can't teach speed, superman's super speed would overwhelm Batman's human speed in a blink of an eye. If Batman has Kryponite armor or something, Superman plays the ranged game. I liken it to a coach and player; the coach has all the knowledge and techniques, but the coach will still lose to the physically superior player.

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  • Superman would win.

    I know they have already had an episode where Batman comes up with a plan to defeat Superman but the problem is the only way to for him to win is if Superman has no idea of Batman's plan to kill him. Clearly if Superman wanted to kill Batman he could do it many ways before Batman even had time to react. Laser vision, super strength, super speed etc. If Superman wanted to do the same surprise attack on Batman, he could kill Batman 10 times over before Batman could even react.
    If we put each on opposite side knowing that they will fight each other, even if Batman has Kryptonite, he still has to get close enough to use it. Obviously with Superman's X-ray vision he would see the attack coming. Gee, Batman has something I can't see through, ya think it is made of lead and containing Kryptonite? Duh. Not to mention that Superman would probably suspect such an attack because it would be the only way to hurt him. He may even wear a lead suit to protect himself from the effects and still destroy Batman.

  • This even a yes or no question.

    Superman literally moves faster than the speed of light. Superman has a wide array of powers including laser vision, ice breath, and invincibility. While batman is without a doubt my favorite comic book character of all time, I can undoubtedly say superman wins this fight within 1 second. Unless, there some plot induced stupidity that gives batman an unfair advantage.

  • Superman of course

    Every 1v1 battle starts out as if they never met each other before. Batman would have no clue what kryptonite was, Superman can see through walls, he can see far distances, he moves several times the speed of light he would just come out of nowhere punch Batman into a paste and disappear.

  • Depends on the situation

    To preface this, I am going to assume that both parties in this fight are not holding back. If either party was to hold back, then the fight wouldn't actually reveal who could win as both would be trying to subdue as opposed to kill. If both Superman and Batman had equal time to prepare for the fight, Superman would win outright. If they had no time to prepare, Superman would easily wipe the floor with Batman, who wouldn't have had the time to get kryptonite. If they both had some time to prepare, Superman could easily fly around the sun a few times, which would negate the effects of any kryptonite batman brings. In this situation, Superman would easily kick Batman's ass. There actually have been multiple times throughout the comics during which Superman could have kicked Batman's ass. In fact, batman has said that if neither of them were holding back, Superman would crush him. The only reason why Batman has been able to beat Superman in the past is because they were either in an alternate universe, Batman had an absurd amount of time to prepare, or Superman was holding back.The only way that Batman could win is if he had more time to prepare than Superman. This sort of situation would be unlikely as the two of them are both good guys.

  • Batman wins if he had time to plan

    More then anything, Batman achieves usually victory because he is a master strategist. Give him time, he can overcome nearly any challenge and was the biggest reason he (without any powers) became one of the founding members of the Justice League. Speaking of which, Batman made plans to incapacitate every single one of his fellow justice league members in case they went rouge, further showing that he could beat superman with proper planning.

  • Batman has already won

    By the time it ever came to this, Batman would have already won. Batman has a plan to address any situation that comes up. This includes defeating Superman. Therefore, Batman wins.

    The only way Superman has a chance is if he acted in such a way that he was not Superman (that is, He acts to kill Batman or believes that Batman is a threat and acts proactively, Which is inconsistent with Superman’s character). And if we’re assuming that, It’s not a battle between Batman and Superman, So the premise is off. This isn’t whether a Kryptonian can beat a human. This isn’t whether a Kryptonian can beat Batman. This is whether Superman - the character, With all that goes along with that - can beat Batman.

    Superman is genuinely a good person.
    Batman is not.
    This is why Batman wins.

  • Batman will always win

    Batman man is the most relatable superhero ever. Superman has all these powers and he can win a fight without even using all his powers how boring is that. Batman has no powers and he is still winning every fight. Superman died, Even when he is invisible. Batman is human and he can die any time but he hasn't.

  • Batman would win

    Batman knows all of the Justice league members' weaknesses and knows how to use it against them. He has the wealth, power, and resources to make it happen. He has an arsenal of gadgets and weapons, years of training, and the intelligence and ingenuity to plan for their downfall. An example of this was in Dark Knight Returns where to match Superman's strength and speed, Bruce Wayne built an exo-skeletal suit to make it a fair fight and even had synthesized kryptonite to incapacitate the man of steel.

  • Bat-man is better

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  • 1 (conjoined) word. Hellbat suit.

    Does anyone remember the hellbat suit? You know, the suit Batman developed that enables him to fight with gods and superior beings. You take that suit, you encrust it with kryptonite, or you place a kryptonite dust into a cannon, or you make bullets/swords/batarangs with a kryptonite alloy. He'll come down quite easily, and Batman will be protected by the hulking, impenetrable hellbat suit.

  • I'd lean towards Batman

    There's a lot of variables that you need to put into account when considering the fight, but Batman's not a chump. He has ways of ensuring that he at least has a fair shot at winning a battle, and as people have said, he's done so. It's ridiculous for people to not fully consider how well of a battle Batman would make such a conflict, but hey, who am I to talk? Either way, Batman's the better strategist and will win.

  • Already happened in the comics

    Ok, this is kinda ridiculous. Like the title suggests, this has already been done in the comics, a couple of times. Batman won. Both times. I don't think that it should really be all that surprising. His utility belt is a cornucopia of options just as much as Superman is an overpowered border jumper. When you are crippled by a chunk of your own home planet (kryptonite) it makes it pretty easy for a multi-billionaire with issues and a costume to take you down.

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