Who would win in a fist fight: Robocop (yes) or Terminator (no)?

Asked by: rja7
  • Yes, robocop would win in a fist fight.

    Robocop is superior to the Terminator in every way. First Robocop is about justice as he is a crime fighter. The Terminator is just a fool who kills people. This means when push comes to shove he is only in it for fun. For Robocop justice is a way of life. In the fight Robocop will be fighting for his life and Terminator for fun. Robocop has a lot more to lose so he will dig deeper.

  • Terminator will WIN.

    This was due to the fact the original concept called for the killer machine to look more ordinary and to be able to blend into crowds. Cameron eventually went another way and tapped Schwarzenegger instead. (Henriksen was hired to play Detective Vukovich.) Thank you i belive he will WIN. Yaya

  • I think terminator will win

    I think Terminator will win the match. Terminator has more power and stronger body, but Robocop has more intelligence and is smarter. In a fist fight you can knock down your opponent but it needs making proper opportunity and use that opportunity. But if you have stronger body and fist, don't worry you will win with high probability! By terminator, I mean the one which Arnold played.

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