Who would win: Newest Spider-man or the newest Venom?

Asked by: DB2
  • Yes please yes

    Make Spiderman win. I think he has stark industries on his side and he isn't blinded by anger and hatred unlike the symbiotes. Plus Tom Holland Spider Man would just impress MJ and his friends more since he gets exposed by Mysterio in the last movie. Just saying, I think we need to have a venom apocalypse where the Venom infects people as if it were the zombie apocalypse but symbiotes replace zombies. Do you agree?

  • Spiderman because of plot

    Venom does have a weakness to sound a fire. However if venom took over peter and took his powers he would be at an advantage because then his spider sense would not work.
    Venom would win if he attacked first but like all marvel movies the heroes loss the battle and then beat the villain in the second encounter.

  • New age Spider-Man

    New age Spider-Man has access to millions of killer drones, And an awesome ass suit that can do almost anything. And, If he wore the suit he had in Infinity War, It's over for Venom. He would have found out that Venom hates loud sounds and fire and would have used that to his advantage.

    Posted by: DB2
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