Who would you rather have as your quarterback in the NFL

Asked by: cpayagen13
  • I would want Jamies Winston or Michael Vick

    Due to the fact their both mobile quarterbacks and are very stable in and out of the pocket and when it comes to pressure these to are the best, once that pocket collapses their gone in the end zone or a major gain. These two quarterbacks are the best hands down.

  • Tony Romo for sure

    He is a great quarterback. He can lead and carried the weight of the Dallas Cowboys before 2014. Even with a corrupt owner (Jerry Jones) and an inexperienced head coach (Jason Garrett). He is a future Pro Football Hall of Famer for sure. No doubt about that. Go Romo. Great qb

  • Yes, I would want Tim Tebow.

    Yes, if given a choice for my quarterback, I would rather have Tim Tebow. Even though he is not that great compared to other athletes, he is the hardest worker in the NFL. Other athletes are more talented, but no one is as hard-working as Tebow. Tebow is also very popular, and a business owner I would want to sell tickets.

  • I would rather have Junior Seau.

    I would rather have Junior Seau as my quarterback in the NFL. My favorite team is the San Diego Chargers but Junior Seau is not alive anymore. If he was alive that is who I would choose to have as my quarterback because he was an awesome player and would lead the team to victory!

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