Who would you vote for today: Jimmy Carter (Yes) or Gerald Ford (No)?

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  • Carter or Ford?

    2016 is an election year. However, it also marks the 40th anniversary of the Election of Jimmy Carter. This was one of the most unique elections in American history.Ford became president after the Watergate Scandal and remains the only President in American history to become Vice President and then President without receiving a single vote. Carter was an outsider who spoke of change and a need to move a hurting America beyond Vietnam and Watergate. It is generally contended that Carter was a much better man than he was a president.So the question we ask is would you vote for Jimmy Carter today or would you exercise hindsight and elect Gerald Ford.

    The Miller Center makes the following observation of Jimmy Carter:

    Jimmy Carter's one-term presidency is remembered for the events that overwhelmed it—inflation, energy crisis, war in Afghanistan, and hostages in Iran. After one term in office, voters strongly rejected Jimmy Carter's honest but gloomy outlook in favor of Ronald Reagan's telegenic optimism. In the past two decades, however, there has been wider recognition that Carter, despite a lack of experience, confronted several huge problems with steadiness, courage, and idealism. Along with his predecessor Gerald Ford, Carter must be given credit for restoring the balance to the constitutional system after the excesses of the Johnson and Nixon "imperial presidency

  • Yes on Carter

    Jimmy Carter is an honorable man who got a lot of things right but was such an outsider that unfortunately was unable to accomplish much of the good he wanted to. We needed a break from Nixon mess, so Ford was not a good option even though he was an honorable man as well.

    It was also good in recent history to have a person with a vibrant Christian faith, full of integrity serve the highest office of our land from the ranks of the democratic party.

  • President Carter was a Great President and proposed Universal Health Care along with Senator Ted Kennedy, which we should have now. Http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Presidency_of_Jimmy_Carter

    I would vote for Carter in a heartbeat.

    Health care
    In April 1976, Carter proposed health care reform that included key features of the bipartisan bill for universal national health insurance[a] sponsored by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). In June 1979, Carter proposed more limited health insurance reform—an employer mandate to provide[b] private catastrophic health insurance[c] plus coverage without cost sharing for pregnant women and infants, federalization of Medicaid[d] with extension to the very poor[e] without dependent minor children, and the addition of catastrophic coverage to Medicare. In November 1979, Senator Russell Long (D-LA) led a bipartisan conservative majority of his Senate Finance Committee to support an employer mandate to provide[b] catastrophic-only coverage[f] and the addition of catastrophic coverage to Medicare, but abandoned efforts in 1980 due to budget constraints.

    In April 1977, Carter proposed mandatory hospital cost control, which passed the Senate in October 1978, but was defeated in the House in November 1979.

    Some progress was made in the field of occupational health following Carter's appointment of Dr. Eula Bingham as Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Bingham drew from her experience as a physiologist working with carcinogens to raise and simplify standards, redirect the office's resources to industry groups with the worst records, while enacting occupational particulate, lead and benzene exposure standards and regulations on workers' right to know about workplace hazards, including labeling of toxic substances. Bingham enacted many of these provisions over the opposition of not only Republicans, but also some in the Carter Admnistration itself, notably Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Charles Schultze and her own boss, Labor Secretary Ray Marshall; ultimately, many of her proposed reforms were never enacted, or were later rescinded.

    We need mandatory price controls on food, gasoline, doctors' and dentists' salaries, prescription drugs, salaries and bonuses of those receiving more than $100,000, etc. President Carter was on the right track, but the Republicans destroyed America then as they are destroying it now.

    The wealthy have to be taken down and the the wealth redistributed to those who actually make it happen, the 99% - the workers - power to the workers who are more important than capital, just as President Abraham Lincoln stated.

    And, we need Universal Health Care Right now.

    President Carter was a great man.

  • Want to know who voted for Carter?

    The Electoral Map of 1976 gives me a few laughs.

    Here are the States (and D.C.) who voted for Jimmy Carter:

    South Carolina
    North Carolina
    West Virginia
    New York
    Rhode Island

    In 1980, all but 7 of these States were now Red. What's even more funny is that Carter managed to make the South into the Republican party. Additionally, Carter had a congressional composition of a Democratic majority for the entirety of his power. His agenda not only turned America red, but he managed to screw up with everybody in congress being on his side. Carter was a decent naval officer and peanut farmer. A decent president he was not. And no, he wasn't even a nuclear engineer, that was propaganda to make him look like a decent candidate with the gas crisis coming full steam.

    Carter was a terrible president.

  • Because of what we have seen of Carter's Presidency

    Today, looking back on both of their presidencies, they weren't exactly model Presidents. Of course, Ford could at least count himself as average, while Carter put himself on the list of the top three worst presidents, next to Bush and Obama. Carter policies such as 'Equal Odd' license plate law, which ruined oil efficiency and helped the problem it tried to stop, and other policies, ruined his presidency.

  • I LOVE the guy as a person, but a president is just insane!

    Jimmy Carter first of all, is a kind, kind man. One of the most nicest people on this earth. I'm glad to see he's healthy and still involved in foundations. He is one of the few democrats that believe abortion is wrong and just like I said, over all kind man. But, as a president... Just no. I mean double digit rates, inflation? There's a reason why he only did 1 term and why Ronald Reagan won in a landslide victory.

  • Ford had an better understanding of Congress, The economy, domestic and foreign policy.

    Ford came from congress and had worked with even hostile Democratic majorities. Carter invented the misery index and used it against Ford then pushed policies that made it much worse. Unemployment and interest rates were going higher. He changes Saving and Loan rules to help them pay the high returns by investing in in junk bonds. His failed rescue attempt may have influenced the current administration stand down before the reelection.

  • Ford, Just Ford

    First, Ford is a strong leader. Second, He is a good and honest person (Lee Kuan Yew, Prime minister of Singapore, In his book admitted it). Third, Even Carter agreed that he helped to restore economy. Third, Nixon was ok as president, Seriously, Forget about Watergate-when it comes to beeing green, Continuing racial integration, Reforming Medicaid, Making peace in Vietnam, Helping Israel in Yom-Kipur war. . . In last two he btw had nothing to earn for himself, Which is strange for Nixon, Though. . . And Ford is in many cases his shadow. So, Ford aka honest Nixon.

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  • President Ford was a Better Politician and Leader as Compared to Carter

    To preface my argument, it must be said that any individual could have ran against Ford and won. The American public was disenchanted with both Congressional Republicans and the Administration in general, so nearly anybody could run an anti-Administration, anti-corruption platform and be elected. That is precisely what Jimmy Carter did. Carter ran as an outsider and "nice guy" candidate. Ford was always the "nice guy" amicable politician, but not even he could distance himself from the cover ups and corrupt Republican administration before him. Although he did end up being a part of the administration, he had a higher part in the congressional side of the scandal. Ford was a better politician and understood congress and being both a strong domestic and foreign leader, after all, he did lead the Republican minority in congress and completely ended the Vietnam war. While it's true that Carter is the better man, Ford was the better leader. My vote goes to who runs the country better, and that would be Ford.

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