Who's A Better Artist? Khalid Or Shawn Mendes? (Yes for Khalid, No For Shawn)

Asked by: edenc
  • Khalid is Is amazing

    He can sing any thing from American teen which he sings low to a different song where he sings higher not crazy high like Shawn Mendes who can sound like baby bear. Shawn Mendes is incredibly talented but I think Id like him more if I liked that kind of music. In my opinion there both very talented but I like Khalids music more.

  • Shawn Mendes all the way #mendesarmy

    It is agreeable that Khalid is a talented artist but at this point all the stats prove that shawn is a better artist from all the aspects. He has more fans and more views of his songs all well his music is very talented and extraordinary. This makes Shawn better then Khalid.

  • Shawn is better

    How do they say Khalid is better than Shawn Mendes? How? Shawns songs have great lyrics and Khalid good but his voice? Shawns is MUCH better. MUCH better. In my blood Vs better who would win (radio on) It isn’t in my blood, It isn’t in my blood! My favorite song! Later. (radio on) nothin feels better than this. Whatever. Who won? Anyway Khalid boo! Shawn Mendes woo!

  • Shawn is the best

    Shawn Mendes is a much more diverse singer. He sings pop, R&B, Alternative rock, Basically everything! The meanings behind all his songs are so deep. There are songs about love, Heartbreak, Friendship, Jealousy, All things that everyone relates to or has to go through at some point. I also think his voice is better, Khalid's voice is good, But it's very monotone and boring. However, Shawn Mendes has a great vocal range and a flowy voice.

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