Who's a better rapper: Drake (yes) or Eminem (no)?

  • Drake is better

    Eminem sucks half the time u cant here hin rap especially in rap god bsnsj sjsjd sbd d d d. D d d d d d d d. D d d d dd d. D d d Drake is better than eminem no more argument Rae Sremmurd is better than any rapper

  • Eminem is a beast

    Drake cant write his own lyrics, he calls himself the 6ix God but lives in California (while em is native to his detroit), em actually has raps more ppl can relate to, he is the only artist in the hip hop genre that has sold over 200 M albums (2nd most amount as a male artist next to MJ i believe - not drake), eminem is actually talented while drake has a crappy delivery, he is not as influential as em, and dickriders in toronto would agree that drake is better. I am from the toronto area yet in my opinion drake is trash compared to the rap god. Eminem's style has evolved btw while there is little to no difference in drakes style. And lastly, em has better use of wordplay, and that attracts listeners to a particular artist. Again drake doesnt write his own lyrics. So yeah....

  • There’s a huge difference

    Eminem is great, Drake is only good sometimes, and even then he usually isn’t great. Fake Love is no good at all, and God’s Plan is BARELY better and one dance is a little better than that. HOWGH is a 2-2.5/5 so a meh. Hotline Bling (semi-decent) and Nice For What (pretty good) are his best songs.

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