Who's better: Kobe Bryant (yes) or Lebron James (no)?

  • Kobe is better

    Kobe never lets his team down even when they dont have a chance.He will never give up no matter what. He dosnt make his team do anything like Lebron does. Kobe will always pass to his teammates instead of Lebrons way by holding on to the ball the whole game(or trying to anyways). Kobe trusts his team and his team trusts him. Kobe is loyal and respectful to all teamates.

  • Kobe is better

    Kobe has been in the NBA for much longer then Lebron. Lebron flops like crazy and is not loyal to his team like Kobe is. Kobe even said that he is never going to switch teams ever even until he retires. Lebron could care less about what team he is on.

  • Kobe is way better!

    Kobe Bryant is way better the Lebron will ever be he has way more mvp and championships then Lebron will ever think about having. The only reason people think Lebron is better is beacuse hes in his prime if Kobe was still in his prime he would make Lebron look so bad. Kobe would striaght mop the floor with Lebron. Give it a year or two and no one will care for Lebron but people will always remember Kobe.

  • Lebron is Better

    People are comparing Lebron with Michael Jordan who is the best player to ever win the game. Lebron has numerous championships and MVPs to count for. He has a better skill set than Kobe and is more of a team player than Kobe. Kobe is mostly known as a scorer while Lebron excels at every aspect of the game.

  • Lebron is better!

    Here's why, his points per game,assists per game,steals per game,blocks per game,and rebounds per game is higher. He also has more league MVP awards than Kobe. You need to bring facts to the table to win this debate. You have no facts. On the espn 2013 player rankings, Lebron James in number 1 and Kobe is number 25. Lebron is better.

  • Lebron is better

    Overall better player more dominant in every way but scoring because he takes less shots. L e b r o n l e b r o n l e b r o n l e b r o n l e b r o n l e b r o n

  • At this point, this is not even a debate.

    LeBron beats Kobe practically everywhere, including Kobe's best traits: scoring and clutch performance. Kobe is only a better free throw and mid range shooter. He won five titles but only has two Finals MVPs and one regular season MVP. LeBron has three Finals MVP awards and four regular season trophies. He defeated a 73-9 team in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals, a series in which he led all players on both teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. The next year, he recorded a triple-double in the Finals. He's the only player in history to reach 30K points, 8K assists and 8K rebounds. And finally, he has been the best player in the world for over a decade - he is still in his prime in his fifteenth season.

  • Lebron James Better than Kobe Bryant

    Lebron James is finally starting to earn the championships that he deserves, and his career is definitely starting to overshadow the career of Kobe Bryant. James is a much better basketball player than Bryant at this point, and he's proving it with each and every game that he plays in.

  • Lebron is better

    He has better stats he has lots of assits every game he likes the heat because him and his teamates get along and have fun of the cort. He dosnt be a ball hog he passes to his teamates and lets them score he scores some times to. Thats why lebron james is better.

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