• Corona with lime

    I think that Corona is a better beer, as long as it has a lime wedge in it. It is a mellow smooth beer with a crisp taste and tastes really good ice cold with a hint of lime. It is one of the better lighter beers out there for sure.

  • Corona.Defenetly better in my opinion olimpic champion and better person too!!

    Better slightly both are great goalkeeper's,but I choose corona as I feel he makes better decisions and more focused,yes Ochoa had a good maybe great wp2014 .But Corona won an olimpic gold medal and is now in Mexican football history and aside from that I also think he is a much better person much more humble

  • No, Corona is more dependable.

    No, Corona is better than Ochoa, because he is the more dependable player. They are both amazing, talented players, but Corona is a better bet in a clutch position. Ochoa has been known to make mistakes that have let his team down. Corona makes smarter decisions on the field and is more trusted in an important game.

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