• An idiot or a bigger idiot?

    Naruto I can at least respect somewhat, for his endless persistence and unshakable will. Sasuke has a ducks rear end attached to the back of his head. All in all, Naruto is a loud, obnoxious, annoying troublemaker with a penchant for bad luck, while Sasuke is an arrogant, self-absorbed, coward with the dumbest looking hair after Trump.
    So in short, Naruto.

  • (naruto is yes sasuke is no) NARUTO!!!

    I just like him better. No other reason... Plus the rasengan looks cool, better than the chidori at least. And i dont like sasuke's hair. Im not very good at stating facts, ami I? Oh well.... This is my first thing on this website, so i dont really care. So anyway...NARUTO IS BETTER!!!!!!

  • Why call the show naruto if sauske is more serious

    Sauske is a seriose character. Naruto is seriouse in a time of crisis it was an idiot move to call the show naruto if sauske is the seriose one. I respect the author but what an idiote move. You should have called it sauske if this really is the case. And i was reading through the comments and you dont like sauskes hair. Sagesweet that is a dumb statment. That has nothing to do with the fact that the author messed up. But sicne we talking about hair that boy look like SONIC THE HEGE HOG WITH THAT HAIR but thats beside the point that is the honest truth. Just sayin

  • Sasuke is extremely smart and cunning

    Everyone says that sasuke is a whinny baby but if you were in his place and had your entire line of family wiped out by your sibling then you kill him/her and find out they were told to you would fair much worse than him. Everyone says that sasuke has only raw talent but let's think about this if naruto did not have kurama's chakra he wouldn't be able to stop him and at first that wasn't even enough. Then people bring up the deidara fight that was some quick thinking and i do not beleive naruto at the time would have been able to peice together deidara's abilities without using kurama' power to just try and oneshot him

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