Who's better: the Lakers (yes) or the Warriors (no)?

  • LeBron James GOAT

    LA rules so does Lebron James it's just a really really really really really great team I have supported them for 14 years and me and my friends are in love with them gsw suck as well! And one more time. . . LEBRON JAMES MOTHERF***ER! You get me yeh yeh yeh

  • Lakers are better

    They have a lot of good players and better sportsmanship and they have won 16 Championships. They had Kobe, O'neil ,Shack , Magic and they currently have a lot of good players. Obviously Lakers are better we Don't even have to have a debate about this. The warriors will NEVER be better than the LAKERS.

  • Yes. The Lakers could beat the Warriors.

    Yes. The Lakers would have very good odds of beating the Warriors on any given game day. Being the NBA's second most valuable franchise, and having won 16 championships over their history, I feel that the Lakers will always be regarded as one of the NBA's best teams. I don't think the Warriors share the accomplishments of the Lakers.

  • Lakers are the dream team

    I think if i had to choose between the lakers and warriors i would go with lakers. To me Lakers have more experienced players in their team then the Warriors. Lets not for two greatest players of NBA O'neil and Cobe. And also to mention lakers play well under the pressure of difficult games.

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