Who's fault is it for the U.S.'s financial issues: Democrats (yes) Republicans (No)

Asked by: rphk123
  • I think the Democrats can be seen as more at fault than the Republicans on a myriad of issues.

    First of all, I'd like to emphasize a point for those who will bring up a claim that GOP obstructionism in Congress is blocking economically beneficial bills. However, when we look towards the frequent usage of name-calling, we can see that the Republican congressmen frequently face acquisitions of being "obstructionists" or "stonewalling legislation". However, realize that this is actually happening on both sides of the spectrum, Democratic or Republican. When we see so many bills passed by House Republicans that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid fails to bring up, we can potentially see that in actuality a lot of the bills that could be aimed at creating jobs or stimulating the economy being blocked in the Senate. Therefore, we cannot solely blame obstructionism by Republicans as the reason for our current financial standing.

    Let's look at the minimum wage, for instance. While we can agree with the Democratic Party's good intentions to provide a better life for low-income workers, this initiative is impractical. As the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research reports, only 11.3% of workers would actually be affected by raising the minimum wage to $9.50, for instance. There are many reasons for this; for example, many low-income workers do not work, majority of minimum wage workers aren't the primary breadwinner or are teenagers working for pocket money, etc. Therefore, a degree of fault should be put on the Democratic Party for constantly pushing out these kinds of initiatives when better alternatives could be had (The Earned Income Tax Credit).

    Another quick point I'd like to make on corporations: When we wonder why corporations are outsourcing, one of the major reasons we can see is this: our 35% corporate tax rate. While a majority of the Democratic Party wants to raise taxes, including corporate tax, we must deduce that it is common sense corporations will continue to outsource if they can keep a bigger profit margin on foreign soil. And therefore, we should put fault on the Democratic Party for advocating for taxing corporations more, and lower the 35% corporate tax rate, allowing for corporations to "reshore" on American soil, providing more opportunity for American workers and benefiting the economy.

  • Republicans are the obvious reason and this is not a debate.

    Obviously, the numbers show republicans and their tax cuts and war crimes have brought this country to its knees. This is self evident. Look up the numbers. There is no debate. Clinton reduced the deficit only to have Bush spend like a mad man. Republicanism is on the spectrum of mental disorder and I recommend you be treated. It is free now under Obamacare.

  • It is everyone's problem

    Republicans and democrats stand for essentially the same things just for different reasons (big government, war,taxes,entitlements). The reason we are in this mess is because of the fact that we essentially have a two party system while minority parties like the green party, socialist party, constitutional party, and libertarian party are squashed from elections because people don't actually know what the person they are voting for stands for. Once a politician is elected into office he slowly becomes disconnected with reality to the point that he thinks anything will work. Here is how to get elected in the modern day entitlement society we have: i promise you free stuff, you vote for me, you pay taxes and then get that money back but you think it is free.

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