Who's hotter: Emma Watson (yes) or Jennifer Lawrence (no)?

  • Emma should win an Oscar.

    I love the way she acts-
    in plays and movies-
    she deserves to go to
    heaven and meet god.
    May the ancients
    grant her passage
    to the spirit in the sky.
    She is my idol,
    and my everything,
    she is the best.
    And she will
    become my favorite actress today.

  • Emma Wins completely

    Not only is Emma smart but she's beautiful,independent and has a great personality how could you not love her and her adorable self,A graduate from brown a beautiful woman and adorable child, Ron got lucky on that one , She has an adorable laugh and she takes the crown Emma is beautiful inside and out.Xxx

  • No competition, again!

    Personally I think Emma Watson is better. She is better because she is on so many movies, such as my favorite: Harry Potter. She is also very attractive. Her acting is much better than Jennifer Lawrence's, I could feel her emotions as my own. Don't get me wrong. Although I do like Jennifer Lawrence for the Hunger Games, E. W. Just outdoes her every time. Go Watson!

  • There's no competition!

    Personally I think Emma Watson is better. She is better because she is on so many movies such as my most favorite: Harry Potter. She is also very attractive. Her acting is much better than Jennifer Lawrence. Don't get me wrong: Lawrence is pretty good at what she does, but Emma Watson does outdo her by far. Go Watson!

  • There is actually no competition

    Do I even need to elaborate? Ok, I'm not one for trash talking, and I honestly think Jennifer's great. She's a great actress, she's got a great personality and great looks. But she's not Emma. Emma's something else. I can't even describe how absolutely perfect she is. I will support anything she does no matter what. EMMA CAN DO NO WRONG!

  • Emma Watson all the Way!!!!

    Emma Watson is my idol, mainly because she plays Hermione in Harry potter but also because she is just one of those people who has no fear of showing their true selves. I do like Jennifer Lawrence and she is great at acting Katniss in the hunger games but I would prefer emma watson

  • Emma Watson is better

    Yes, I do quite like Jennifer Lawrence. But Emma is not only attractive, she is intelligent, modest, has a great personality and her work for the UN is fantastic. She has been in a lot of good movies, and looks nice in all of them. She also rocks every look she tries.

  • Emma i love you.

    To be honest, I'm really a fan of both of them. I think they're both hot just not in the same ways. They have different appeals and charms. I really like Jennifer's sense of humor but I just like Emma for no reason and that for me is true love. I don't think I would like Jennifer if she stopped being funny. And for "Jennifer Lawrence more reasons than one", no offense but have you been living under a rock or did you not have a cinema near your place to not know who Emma Watson is. Seriously, I think Harry Potter is one of the best made films ever and is widely known in the whole world so how can you not know who she is.

  • Emma all the way

    This girl is amazing. She's such a great role model for all young girls all around the world. She is absolutely gorgeous (she even models)! She has a fabulous personality, and is modest. She's a very talented actress and a powerful feminist who's speeches are beautiful and strong, and her work for the world
    (Her U.N. work) is great. She's an ambassador for the United nations! That's incredible!

  • Emma all the way!

    Jennifer Lawrence is a talented actress and has a great personality, but it's always been Emma Watson. Not only is she a feminist, she went to Brown University, and played the perfect Hermione at a very young age. And, to be honest, I don't find the Mockingjay sexy, pretty, beautiful, hot, cute, or anything like that. Sometimes she looks good, but usually ranges from okay to bad, whereas Emma would like three times better than JL in a garbage bag with no makeup. Lawrence is great, but you can't top Watson.

  • Emma is way hotter!!!!!!

    They are both very hot woman and are both part of my favorite series of books Harry Potter and Hunger Games. In my eyes Emma is hotter because she has a a perfectly shaped body. Plus I have had a crush on Emma Watson for as long as I can remember. So they are both hot but for me it's Emma Watson!!!

  • Jennifer wins the day.

    Jennifer Lawrence is not only totally gorgeous, but her personality and sense of humor have such a good way of easily connecting to a person. I also am a huge fan of Emma Watson, nobody can deny that she's incredible also. The things that I think make Jennifer Stand out are her personality, her face and her body. Each one of those attributes in Lawrence, in my opinion, is slightly better than Watson's, but they're both awesome!

  • Jennifer is hotter.

    Jennifer is hotter than Emma. Her whole body is just all around better. I do have to admit that Emma is pretty hot and has a better personality, but Jennifer is hotter when it comes to the body. When it comes to the face Jennifer is more appealing while Emma is pretty good but not good enough. So that is Emma 1 Jennifer 2.

  • Jennifer Lawrence more reasons than one

    To be honest, I am not really sure who Emma Watson was until I Googled her. That being said, out of the two ladies, I find Jennifer Lawrence to be much more appealing. At least to me. She has the better look, personality, and there is something about her that I connect more with.

  • Jennifer Lawrence is.

    To me Jennifer Lawrence is hotter because not only does she have an attractive look and a pretty face, but she also has the personality. If you watch her in interviews and listen to how she talks she is enthusiastic and very funny. She comes off as a lot warmer and nicer.

  • Jennifer Lawrence is hotter than Emma Watson.

    Jennifer Lawrence is obviously pettier because she has a better figure. The proportions of her face are also a lot better looking. She is generally more popular today, also. Her sex appeal is undeniable. Although Emma Watson is also attractive, she is not hot. She is good looking, but she is not sexy.

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