• I am a woman! They should not be judged by clothes or hair!

    I am a woman like any anthers, but i am still in middle school. I am 10 and i HATE being a girl. Is it because of the ways girls were treated? Or is it because how there "meant" to act? Well, both. I have heard that 45% of girls across the world get more depressed then men. Not to mention, girls have WAY more problems then men. Oh, and men, i am a tom boy and i know how to fight and i have 2 swords so dont mess with me. And men, you say girls have it easy? Ya, (laughing) no. I mean, LOOK AT WHAT GIRLS HAVE TO GO THROUGH! I hate girly things. I hate being a girl! They get picked on and they SAY girls have all rights but i dont believe that. I say be who you want to be and do what you want to do. And guys, your cool. I like you. But p.S. (dont look up porn! My mind is not ok any more!!! I hate it!) and why did god make girls have all the problems? And i AM a risk taker!!! If you asked to drink a pool that had people peeing in it i would do it. Ok thats just disgusting but i'll do it! And guys, dont make fun of girls because there "to week" because there not. And dont make fun of them because there "not manly" and "to girly" again, NO THERE NOT

    Thank you to all! This got alot off my cheat! Thank you to DEBATE.ORG they are great! Support girls and guys. But girls arnt meant to be a broom and men inset meant to be the wall who holds the broom,it could be the anther way around!


  • Both genders are more responsible

    Females and males are just as responsible as each other. My mom had a doubt about my guy teacher so I explained to her that being responsible is not generalized by being male or female. It's about your human nature. Human nature is an interesting thing. For example, it's my moms human nature to have her doubts and suspensions.

  • Men are natural risk takers

    When it comes to commerce, gambling, fighting, homicide, driving fast, substance abused induced depression, these things are all more common in men according to stats compiled in the western nations. This is why men have an advantage over women in the overall national salary takings, but are statistically more likely to kill themselves in depression (even though statistically women are more likely to be medically diagnosed with depression than men). Men are more likely to risk their lives doing recreation sports or gamble their stakes away (eg homes, cars). Women are less prone to doing these in comparison, as a whole (obviously varying from individuals).

  • Females are more responsible.

    Females are more responsible then males. Males are more likely to make irrational and stupid decisions, such as extreme sports and other dangerous things. Females are way more likely to think about what they are doing before they do it. It all comes down to how the brains work for females and males.

  • People are more responsible.

    Gender has nothing to do with people being more or less responsible. I've met just as many women as I have men who've been able to step up and take care of business, or run away when the going gets tough. Maturity and responsibility are concepts that are not generalized by gender.

  • Men are expected to sacrifice far more than women and recieve far less in return.

    A man is expected to earn enough to support himself, Wife, Children, Home, Car, Insurance, Food, Electric, While giving uo any dreams he has to make sure shes happy and in the end? We are the ones sacrificed to save them, We are the ones who suffer, We give our all and only expect love and loyalty in return. Male suicide rate is significantly higher than womens and if youre a male victim of rape, Good luck. No one will believe you, No one will support you, No one will help you. Alone, By yourself to pick up and repair the shattered world you once had by yourself. 1 rape shelter for men in the USA, How many men you think don't come forward? Don't report being dominated? Are embarrassed by how our society treats males looking for help? We are outcasted and seen as weak and inferior, Women are survivors of rape, Men are just ignored. There is inequality on both sides, But only men are left to deal with it alone. We have no voice, We have no help, We have only ourselves. And how can we help ourself if we are seen as weak and helpless?

    Thanks, Another silent victim you ignore.

  • Men are highly prone to irrational decisions.

    Although men may seem as if they are more sophisticated they actually are much more prone to irresponsible decisions than women are. Why men are paid more than females is beyond my knowledge. Even if woman are proven to be more reluctant, companies all over the world still are allowing men a higher financial rate.

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