Whose acting was more vicious - Neil Patrick Harris or Matthew Perry (Barney VS Chandler)

Asked by: abhayindian7
  • Confused , but Barney Stinson..........

    The character of Barney Stinson was having heck of a roller coaster in its dimensions. To play the role so honestly and so cleanly, Harris really deserves the Hats off !! Character of Chandler , of course was so strong in terms of sarcasm and his timing with the comic verbs was awesome. Perry has done quite a marvellous job to persistenly be in the same clothes. However , he did not have a lot of other aspects .
    Talking about Barney again, a personality with so diverse aspects and to remain in such tight skin for each aspect is really legen...Wait for it...Dary.

  • Mathew Perry's was

    Just seeing him is annoying in my opinion. Anything to do with "Friends" just plain sucks. It's like going to a colored school that's segregated while having all the white people bully and harass you. That's how much "Friends" is annoying. So in my experience Perry is much worse in my opinion

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