• Why am i here?

    Because of interdimensional Gods and simulations. Humans are created to find soul connections and together, As a human race, Figure out the true meaning of love. And what it is to "love" EACH OTHER. WE ARE halfway to figuring out the definition but have not got a clear understanding yet

  • Yes, Outstanding Move

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg. . . And my arm. . . Even my fingers. . . The body I've lost. . . The comrades I've lost. . . Won't stop hurting. . . It's like they're all still there. You feel it, Too, Don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!

  • You have no reason.

    You have no reason since you are not here. You are there right? So that means that you can't be here. If you are there then you are not here. Also you are not actually here stuck inside this website. You are behind a computer screen so you are not here.

  • Here is why you are here.

    I, Myself, Will tell you why you are here. As i am typing this, I am risking myself getting terminated by an FBI agent as this is secret classified information.

    Here is the real reason why you are here:

    You are part of a simulation that is supposed to simulate the real world. The world you are in right now is artificial. You may be thinking that you are marrying, Paying bills, And doing many other things in life. The real world today is set in a society where our world has changed by natural disasters that are happening every single second. Humanity was no longer able to handle this strange phenomena, So we created the simulation you are living in. Your real body is made from complicated technology that i cannot explain, As you will not believe what i am saying. The simulation is ran by top secret servers in this simulated world in a undisclosed location. I cannot explain more as there is multiple SWAT vehicles showing up at my location right now.

    This is not a parody.

    This is not a promotion for a movie.

    This is dead serious.

    This is reality.

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