Why are homosexual treated different in the first place?... They are human being and do stuff just like the rest of us...

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  • This is not a Yes or No Question.

    Homosexuals are treated differently because many, including myself, find homosexual relations to be rather offsetting. Yes, they are people, and should not be treated badly in the eyes of government. Personally, I do not care about actual homosexuality, just the effeminate and flamboyant men. I find it disgusting to be an effeminate male. Also, the debate is that if we define homosexuality to be good, then we should also define pedophilia and polygamy to be good. That is why government needs to stay out, because it is hard to make a policy that goes for one thing but does not go against itself on another issue. To define homosexuality as "good", it also forces the government to define other types of sexual relations. I know that it is "consenting adults", but the response is that then the government is banning any relations, which would then go against the Constitution. It is a tough topic that government needs to stay out of completely. Yes, homosexuals are people just like us, but we (the heterosexuals) do not feel the need to constantly shove our sexuality down other peoples throats. If gays want to be gay, fine by me, but if you are going to parade around and block roads, then you need to be reprimanded heavily.

  • Homosexuals have come a far way

    It could be oppression. Heterosexuals never felt it over the same stuff homosexuals have. You used to get locked away just for being gay. Now gay marriage and everything along those lines are becoming legal. The reason why people may think they get treated differently is because there has been a lot of news lately with legalization of marriages. If people are wondering homosexuals get a pride month and a parade, it's the same reason black people do. It's the fact of how far both have come out of oppression. It deserves to be recognized.

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