Why are Liberals, Leftists and Democrats always seen as bad or evil, While Conservatives, Republicans & Right Wing good? Is that true?

  • Because of people wanting to find an enemy

    A lot of Christians are pro life and go to republicans for that reason. Liberals are mostly in favor for abortion and gay people which Christians oppose.

    Therefore they think Satan is in the democrats and God is for republicans. Absolute black and White Good guy, Bad guy.

    I personally see both parties as evil and corrupt. The republicans think that because they appose abortion they can do whatever they want because they are not as evil as the democrats.

    The democrats could care less about god and are way too into gay people and abortion and the extreme people are very strange.

    That's why you should never commit to a party and just be an independent voter and finds some person close to you.

  • They aren't seen that way

    I'm slightly left wing, However it's the extreme leftists that want ridiculous out of society things that make them seem evil. The right is also evil, Boris Johnson and Trump keep money for themselves and do not care for the working class, They only want the working class to benefit them

  • Where did you go, Thedonald. Win! ?

    Seriously, I live in CA. The right's maligned far more often than the left, And this is the most populous state. On mainstream media, The only news organization that would agree with that notion is Fox News. Generally, The right sees the usual leftist as stupid, Not evil. The ones they do see as evil are high up on the ranks, Such as George Soros or Andrew Cuomo. Even then, It's inconsistent--Joe Biden's seen as stupid.

  • No, It is not true.

    For instance, Their are many democrats across this country who are Christian believers and who also have gun permits to carry and have guns in their homes for protection. I would think that we are all American first, Before the separating into parties start. The Leftist and Right mentality has really gotten out of hand.

  • Leftist/Liberals are Useful idiots.

    While it's true that the pendulum can swing both ways, (Neo-Cons anyone? ) The Elite Left ARE evil. And their supporters are the "Useful Idiots" that keep them in power. Hitler once praised Progressives/Democrats for their Eugenics Program, Which in turn inspired him to murder millions in the name of creating a cleaner, Purer race.

    That program is called "Planned Parenthood" founded by Margret Sanger. The Elite Left feed their base these lies about helping the poor, The minorities, Fighting the "evil right wing", When in fact, They're every bit as evil as Hitler and his Nazi Party. Alas, The less informed Liberals and Lefties eat it up, And are unknowingly helping to commit atrocities. Hence the term "Useful Idiots" coined by Stalin, Who also had a huge portion of the population support him, Thinking they were doing good.

    Fortunately, There's a good number of Liberals who are able to see past this crap, And rise above it.

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. "~George Santayana

  • It could go either way.

    As a conservative, I do not agree with most of the Democrats' policies, But the left sees us the same way. The problem is that the mainstream media is so incredibly left-leaning and biased against Republicans and President Trump. Unfortunately, The media has us so brainwashed that people think MSNBC and CNN are reliable news sources.

  • Expressing ourselves with energy

    Members of both parties need to express themselves with energy. If we can touch our spiritual selves, Or emotional selves, And yes, Our physical selves (express gender pleasure mysticism), Then we can connect with the Other. I have no bias toward either Democrats or evil Republicans. From the same life force, They confirm their being from sharing who they are. Sometimes it comes from legislation, Sometimes from sharing on social media. Always from themselves.

    Both Democrats and hateful Republicans will benefit by getting with the times. Ours is a time of celebration. By celebrating our sexual freedoms, Celebrating abortion against bigoted fetuses, And celebrating science (which is always correct), All peoples can join hands (social distancing cannot apply for forward thinking people) and become one sexual voice.

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