Why are some girls so shallow and immature?

Asked by: Jog
  • I feel ya

    Yea some are like my sister. Im 13 and my sister is 10 and she is my height and can do everything i do and she is so shallow. Like today she got me in trouble for not shutting a gate when my hands were full and she was 3 feet away from it like seriously. She tries to get me in trouble for ANYTHING! She invades my privacy and tells my mom and BAM! Im in trouble because i say a bad word so wow just wow.

  • Women’s are better then men

    Look it up dumbasses women has two X chromosomes witch produces estrogen which makes brains smart. While men as supposed to be dumb sex slaves and hunters women weren supposed to be the ones who run society. Like I always keep my dumb boyfriend on a leash because he has the intelligence of a pet cat. Without me to please his small mind he would be lost and confused

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Mike01506 says2014-10-04T21:15:00.330
That goes for everyone. I believe this question is stereotyping somewhat.
MykSkodar says2014-10-05T11:40:32.817
You have to ask a yes or no question, how hard can it be?
LogicalLunatic says2014-10-05T12:58:26.330
Why are some guys so shallow and immature?
holyzinc says2014-10-05T12:58:33.280
@jog: I think it's more to do with getting the parents' attention- competing for resources, which siblings often do it unconsciously across the animal kingdom. The younger siblings often try to develop "out-smarting strategies", be more humorous, gregarious and outspoken to counter the advantages older siblings got(parents usually love their first child more because of the "sunk cost bias"). A cooperative framework would solve the problem if it's the case.