Why can't 18-20 years olds legally purchase handguns? They vote, join the military, purchase rifles & shotguns, why cant they practice their 2nd Amendment Rights?

Asked by: StephanieBaby505
Why can't 18-20 years olds legally purchase handguns? They vote, join the military, purchase rifles & shotguns, why cant they practice their 2nd Amendment Rights?
  • Not all older people are more mature than 18-20 year olds.

    I assume that one of the main premise for 18-20 year olds is that they're less mature than adults (21+). But that is definitely not entirely true. I also believe people just need to find ways to learn to be responsible and find ways to learn to have self-control when it comes to unhealthy or dangerous products such as guns and drugs. Don't just try to outlaw them. No matter how many times you outlaw a product, that product will always exist so long as it's in demand and that there are producers willing to supply it. The only thing outlawing a product does is shift that product from the mainstream market into the black market.

    Posted by: NPd
  • Technically 18-20 year old can.

    When you turn 18 you legally become an adult and can join the military, get married, vote, buy a long gun from a dealer, have a job, live indepently etc. There is no reason that adults in this age bracket can't buy a handgun from a dealer or even drink a beer if they can enjoy every right and responsibility like every other adult in this country. Besides, federal law says you can't buy a handgun from a licensed dealer until your 21, but makes no distinction for a private seller, meaning that a private sale is legal, as long as state laws are followed.

  • I believe between the ages of 18-20, citizens in this age group, should be allowed to purchase handguns!

    If at 18 years old, you can vote, buy tobacco products, join the military, and not to mention 18-20 year olds can legally purchase rifles and shotguns, why are they not able to practice their 2nd Amendment right, Right to Bear Arms. I would like to put emphasis on the 2nd Amendment, A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I would like to put extreme emphasis on the specific phrase, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Unless the United States of American does not consider 18 to 20 year old individuals people, they should be allowed by law to buy any type of handgun(s). It is written clearly in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

  • Well im glad i drug this shotgun all the way up the mountain with me

    Please consider the following: I could say the same thing as most of the arguments in here but rather I'd like to point out the convenience of a handgun in situations you wouldn't otherwise have a rifle or shotgun on you, like hiking. I live in Alaska and moose are a danger year round. Why should I be thrust into the "adult" world unable to defend myself in a situation where I am not going to be lugging around a rifle/shotgun? As my headline suggests, who is going to carry a large weapon with them just to go outdoors? Sure I can carry bear spray, but I'm not fond of the idea of finding out just how well it works out there when it's my only option because I can't just whip out a .45 ACP and drop the charging beast. I don't understand why I can't be prepared to save lives when an active shooter shows up in a public place, what with all the shootings and other craziness in the world why shouldn't I be prepared? I'm not even gonna drag a handgun with me everywhere, but if I feel the need to have it on me I should be allowed to make that decision and potentially make a difference if a matter arises. If I can prove responsibility and show my competence to someone of firearm wisdom I don't see what the problem with owning a handgun would be. If you're someone of anti-gun opinions, you ought to assess the reason you have against them and consider whether those reasons would apply to situations where the gun is only a means of protecting yourself or someone else. I believe that if a person is properly trained with a handgun and has proven to clearly understand the responsibility of owning and/or carrying a handgun they should be allowed to own and carry one. I believe that a person who fully and maturely meets those requirements would be justified in deciding when and where the use of that handgun is applicable. Now, after reading what I had to say, do you think that I, a 19 year old male, should still be outlawed from purchasing, owning, and carrying a handgun? Really ponder my question. Try to level with me. I digress.

  • What is happening to this country.

    I am in the United States Army. I've been trained on using m4's, m16's, machine guns and grenade launchers, yet I come home and want my own guns to practice with yet I'm told I can't own certain weapons because of my age. Hmm.. I just want a rifle and a handgun for myself...

  • This is absurd

    It is utterly ridiculous that I, as a 19 year old, can serve my country in the armed forces using guns and weapons way more powerful than any handgun yet I am restricted from purchasing a gun for self-defense. Yes, you can buy guns from family or private sales but those are not safe and are almost always second-hand guns. I don't want to purchase a gun from a stranger that could be trying to rob me.

  • The ARMY says you're an adult, you're an adult.

    At 18, you can:
    join the army
    be registered for the draft
    buy/own property
    enter legally binding contracts
    have babies
    have abortions
    travel to other states
    travel to other countries
    sue and be sued
    stand trial as an adult
    start a company
    declare bankruptcy
    own and trade stocks and currencies
    serve on a jury
    be a porn star
    operate heavy equipment

    ....But the gov. thinks you can't handle a gun?
    Every war this country has be in, has been fought by teenagers.
    The 26th amendment gave them the right to vote. It's time to treat them with the respect they've earned.

  • No one should have guns

    When you own a gun it is more likely that you will end up shot by it, your child will end up shooting themself or a sibling, or an accident will occur with the gun in some way than it will EVER protect you. Having a gun actually puts YOU in danger. Ironic, isnt it?
    Know the facts.

  • The "why" is increased potential for harm. The better question is "why is it better to allow 18-20 year olds to purchase handguns?"

    The connection between handgun ownership and military service is questionable--is the claim that an 18-20 year old who had already completed service in the military (there are very few) is less likely to inflict unwarranted harm? I'm not convinced its best to allow 18-20 year olds to purchase handguns, or for anyone to own handguns for that matter. I don't buy the argument that handguns are needed for a well regulated militia (what is the militia supposed to be, a backup national guard?). The right to bear arms does not apply to any weapon -- there should absolutely be constraints on gun ownership, and the current restriction does not seem at all inappropriate to me.

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