• That's not really a yes or no question, But whatever. . .

    Fish can't live on land for two main reasons
    One, Their breathing apparatus, Gills, Are designed for the buoying effect of total immersion. They operate by trapping oxygen and feeding it into the bloodstream. The problem is, They collapse out of water and don't have enough surface area to collect the necessary levels of oxygen.
    Second, Their limbs don't allow for them to move around on land. Even able to breathe, They'll just flop around helplessly, Easy prey to the many predators of the land.

  • They need to be more specific

    A fish could live in a fish bowl, Which is on land. Plus if you put a goldfish in a cup of water and put it half way in the sand it will survive with food. They never said the fish literally needs to touch the land. I understand the point but I disagree.

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