• Kids can date

    Kids should dates because they will learn how to care for the Boy or girl when they date. When then go out with each other they learn about the boy and the girl. When you are dating when 10 and below they should not date when they are young. That why!

  • Kids CAN Date!

    I believe that kids can date. But it is really all up to their parent(s). I dated someone when I was ten, but my parents didn't know.
    Anyway, to answer your question, kids CAN date. But honestly, I think dating when you're ten just doesn't work out the way you want it to. So just stick with being really good friends.

  • What is a date?

    Is it two people alone? When you say "kid" if you mean like 10 why would 10 year olds be unsupervised? That seems irresponsible of the parent. If it's supervised with a parent there I wouldn't exactly call it a date... Plus the purpose of dating seems to be to get to know the other gender, and then when you're older (at least 18) to find someone to marry. (FYI I'm pretty conservative.) But in younger grades, genders mix fairly well so there's not much point for dates.

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