• They're more interactive

    I've had both parrots and fish as pets in the past and present, And without a doubt, I feel much more emotionally attached to my parrot. You can't exactly pick your fish out of the aquarium and start petting it or put it on your shoulder and walk around with it, Such a sight would be absurd and incredibly risky for the fish (and maybe you also haha)

    And as for the cockatiels specifically, They're honestly one of the cutest parrot breeds imo, And one of the ones I want to get next. (I currently have a GCC). With cockatiels and most other parrots, You can teach them how to sing songs, Say words, Do tricks. With fish, You kinda just. . . Watch. I like fish, But there's not really much there to do with them other than feed them and watch them swim around but maybe others have had different experiences, Would love to know!

  • Cockatiels are better than fish

    Cockatiels are very sociable and friendly animals, They love the company of their owner and are always willing to have fun with you. Cockatiels love human contact, Cheering up whenever someone approaches, Unlike fish, Which show no joy or affection for their owner, Becoming relatively boring animals to care for.

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