• Yes god created "problem"

    I think that God created 'problem' to help us grow in a mental manner coz if I take out the problems in my life I would be a completely different person right now a more immature one so I think these problems help us grow in our life and it's not like God created problems and he said he wouldn't help so I don't have any problem with him there 😜

  • No He didn't.

    God never created any problems to exist in the universe. The Bible clearly stated that when He created the universe everything He saw was good. It was Satan who had deceived Eve and therefore brought sin and suffering to mankind. Therefore God is not in the wrong but Satan is.

  • God did not create suffering and problems. We did.

    When everything was perfect, He created Adam and Eve, Who were deceived by Satan (The Snake) and ate from The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil. This is what created our problems and the Bible clearly states this. Sin cannot exist in a perfect world, So as a result, We bought it upon ourselves by believing Satan.

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