Why do boys have to always face all of the problems?

Asked by: Jman9000
  • Yes, because we're the only ones that can handle it

    Boys are generally stronger than girls. This is not meant as an insult to you ladies in the crowd, so please don't boo me and hit the "report post" button. Boys have a different muscle programs than girls, boys are generally smarter than girls-mostly due to sexism and biasedness. This means that men probably can handle stress, hardships, and other difficulties.

  • Not a yes or no question, but...

    Boys don't have to face all of the problems: that's just ridiculous. Every single human being faces problems, so every gender, race, age, ethnic group, religion, or any other demographic divide one can conceive of faces problems. Therefore, to say boys face all problems is invalid and therefore this question is loaded as it is based off of a false premise. Now, if you asked "why do boys always have to face MOST of the problems?" that would be slightly better but still based off of a false premise. So, in conclusion, I can't really answer your question because I don't agree with its premise.

  • This question is completely sexist

    Why do MEN have to face all the problems? Women have to deal with sexism, a male-centric society, patronization, male on female violence, workplace inequality, men taking them less seriously, fewer job opportunities, male intimidation, debates by men over their bodies (which they, as women, should have complete control over), etc. etc. I COULD GO ON. You, as a man, are privileged and feel like putting women on a pedestal to make you feel better about yourself. You never have to worry about walking somewhere by yourself, you never have to worry about making eye contact with strangers for fear they might think that you are "asking for it," and you never have to deal with everything I have listed above on a daily basis.

    What the crap is wrong with you?

  • Sadly, everyone has to face problems :/

    It's not just men. It's everyone. There is not one human being on this planet who hasn't faced a problem. That's one thing all of humanity can connect to each other about. We all experience some kind of pain due to problems in life. Boys do not have it any harder.Since all of society has created the typical gender roles, guys actually have an advantage in this society.

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