Why do girls never take responsibility for anything and play the pity card? Just look at the other poll in the opinion section.

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  • Women are drama queens.

    There is an other poll on this topic written by a crazy feminist that is nothing but a drama queen who feels sorry for herself. She even used a picture of a sad cat to make people feel sorry for her. Let us look at examples of how women never take responsibility for anything and how all they do is sit on the pity pot and pout until some guy comes along and puts up with her nonsense.

    Let me give you another list:

    No really it is not over-generalizing it and it is not being mean. Look around you ever day. Do you ever see a woman admit to wrong doing?

    Girl purposely gets drunk at a party so she can screw, then does and regrets. Then claims rape.
    Girl loses a job. Well that is because of sexism.
    Girls now make up 60% of college entrants, but somehow they are still being held back.
    Women claim their isn't enough women in construction, but no woman wants to sweat all day for 10 hours.
    Boys suicide rates are 4 TIMES higher than girls, yet somehow women are still the ignored ones.
    Rape statistics do not at all back up the rape culture myth, yet somehow women won't look at facts.
    Some women come out and say the rape statistics don't back up the claims of a rape culture, yet feminists still deny.
    Women kill other women in abortion, but then turn around and say they are pro-woman.
    Women say they have the right to choose, but ignore the babies choice.
    Women use sex to advance themselves, yet they turn around and claim they are victimized.
    A woman will dress sexy to be noticed, but then claims men should not view her sexually.
    Statistics show that women with the same experience in the same positions, make more than men. Yet women deny.
    Women only make up 7% of the prison population, but they are the majority gender and are equal to men.
    Men have to pay women alimony for life after a divorce, yet they claim they are equal and can work just like men.
    An underage girl lies about her age to have sex, then the man is sent to prison and becomes a sex offender.
    An underage girl who lies never faces one consequence, yet the man's life is destroyed.
    A woman makes a false rape claim and nothing happens to her.
    A woman can be a horrible mother and still get the kids in a divorce.
    When a woman chooses and things go well, it is a choice.
    When a woman chooses and things do not go well, they were manipulated.
    A woman wants a baby and to be a mother, then complains she is a stay at home mom that can't work.

    Call me sexist if you want, but all of us have seen countless examples of the things above. I can list many more too.

  • You know what really grinds my gears?

    You know what really grinds my gears? When a girl gets dressed up to go out to a bar/party/club/etc.. And puts on her highest heels, sexiest dress, hottest make-up and says, "Girls have to do all of this so that guys will like us." That really pisses me off. Especially because when a guy does hit on her, SHE GETS OFFENDED! What the hell is this? You dress up all sexy and show off for all of the guys there, but when one of them shows sexual interest in you, you get disgusted. If you don't want a guy to view you as a sexual object at a club, don't dress yourself up like a sexual object at a club!

    Thanks, and see you next time folks!

  • Women are not leaders

    Why do girls never take responsibility for anything and play the pity card? Just look at the other poll in the opinion section? Well, because they have not to take responsibility. They are natural born followers and have herd mentality. Only and only in the 20th century, they were 'liberated' by the globalists to destroy the fabric of traditional societies which were natural and intended. Moreover woman are narcissist also. Another reason is that they live in a society which tell them they can do better and are Goddesses. They are not. They have never done or achieved anything without the aid of male authority Women are not risk takers. This is another reason they don't take responsibility.

  • Every Gender is Equal

    This "pity party" thing is dumb. A lot of girls-and people of other genders- have low self-esteem. "Girls are more likely to commit suicide, but boys are more likely to succeed." (Physcology book by Carole Wade and Carol Travis or internet source). There are a lot of sexist guys in the world.

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