Why do guys proudly post their shirt less pics whereas a girl can't?

  • Gender equality :D

    Girls can do it too! It's just whether they want to. If they choose to allow themselves to do so and heed no mind to it then by all means they can and should do that. But if they don't want to they won't be proud of it; thus they CAN'T proudly post such photos. It boils down to whether they are willing to do so, AND WHETHER THEY LIKE POTATOES.

  • No one Said they couldn't!

    No one said they couldn't. I would gladly like to get on facebook and see these types of pictures. I would like all of them. If they want to, they should be able to. My Pastafanarian Group Chat frequently posts these kinds of pictures. I think they should be able to.


  • There is no logical reason to be ashamed of our bodies and require them to be covered up all the time

    It's just the natural human body. There are many cultures where people don't wear clothes (including both remote tribes and modern day nudist colonies such as Cap d'Agde in France) and people there are happy and healthy. There is no good evidence that nudity in and of itself is harmful. People should be free to wear or not wear the clothing that they want.

  • Girls are different

    There is a small voice inside us that tells boys that exposing their reproductive organ is not acceptable, the same is present in girls, and a girls breast is classified as a reproductive organ. Furthermore the exposure of the breast is meant to activate the mail organ for sexual activity or intimacy. Given in some foreign places it is socially acceptable to behave in such a way, the people of those places have been living in the manner for such a long time, that it has become an everyday thing that they are now immune too.

  • Yeah, I'm going

    With this one, though I find it inappropriate for a man to pose shirtless, it is not a reproductive organ, and yes, only very primitive people allow that, it just isn't appropriate, so no, it is not acceptable, neither is, its just that for girls to do it is worse.

  • Boys are hot!!

    Omg have you ever like seen a really hot guy at the beach and then helike takes off his shirt
    its the best thing in my life omg
    like boys are so hot
    girls have like boobs and stuff, that's what bra's are for! Wow, like seriously, boys don't have bras so obviously they can walk around with their shirts off
    this is such a stupid question

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