• Because they fall for each other

    Also, Shouldn't the question be "Should high school kids date? " Also, They date because they like each other, It's natural. Liking someone isn't bad is it? When someone likes another, They date and see if they actually fall in love. Not that I do it myself but there's the reasons for it.

  • They want to fill in that void that has been haunting them ever since a terrible tragedy befell in their life.

    Kids want to feel happy again after whatever bullshit that they had to deal with in their lives. Emotional abuse by parents, Teachers and their peers of friends ( AKA bullies ). They want someone to truly acknowledge them for who they are and accept their flaws and weaknesses. The saying 'Love is Blind' finally comes into place when they truly give in themselves to their partner fully, Without understanding the consequences that would occur as a result of their weak self to give in to temptation. Of course, I'm not saying that every high school relationships are bad, Some are good, The partners actually care for one another, Helping each other to alleviate stress, Just a simple hello every morning is enough to help boost the mood of the kids. The truly menacing danger is when the relationship comes to a halt, Or even worse, It starts to regress. We have to understand that high "SCHOOL" kids are meant to be in school to study, They should prioritize their study first and foremost, Before opening up in a serious relationship. There would be more harm than good as the kids have to ensure that they keep that relationship momentum going, Thus, Hindering their abilities to concentrate in their studies.

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