Why do Males have to register for the Draft and Women are not required? Is this fair when we have equal opportunity for all?

  • Not all women are physically, or mentally, up for the job.

    If women who can't even hold a gun steadily is put in the army, then it'll compromise the lives of her team and herself in the process, and they would've died for nothing. We need able women who can adapt to their environments and be able to shoot a gun just as well as men can. By how the draft works, they should also be determined by physical activity. I understand that women are strong, too, but not all are up for the job. If women who can't fend for themselves are forced into the draft, then we are risking the lives of our country, and they would have died without fulfilling the promise of fighting to protect or country. We force women to do this, and we're violating their rights to make a choice.

  • Women are Fragile

    Women have always been required to stay at home, have kids, prepare dinner, and clean the house. If they are required to sign up for the draft and something sporadically happens, who will take care of the chores at home? Where will the kids go if they have them? I'm not saying women aren't strong enough, they definitely are, but they have other responsibilities.

  • Not gonna happen

    I couldnt imagine having to worry about my wife, daughter, or granddaughter being drafted into a war. Women are not as physically capable as men and would be in danger of being killed or maybe even raped by an enemy soldier. I understand that some women are physically capable but the majority are not. And I'm not trying to be sexist i just want to protect my family but their is no way in hell that i will sit by and let my little girl be forced into a war.

  • Yes

    Women in general are raised sheltered from the ugliness and babied when faced with adversity. I think women should be allowed to register for the draft, but if women are forced to then you would have women out there who are not fit for combat and more harm would come than good.

  • Men fight so that women don't have to.

    I will volunteer to fight any day of the week if my country need me to. But I will never want my girlfriend or wife to be drafted. Imagine you fighting in combat and having the thought of your girlfriend or wife or little sister fighting in another battlefield or maybe dead. If women want to join the military and fight then let them. Don't make them register for draft. I am not questioning a female's abilities.

  • The Equal Rights Amendment for Women has still not passed into law, therefore, women should not have to register for the draft.

    Although women have made great strides in equal treatment and better opportunities since the 1970s, the sad reality is that the U.S. government has still not passed an Equal Rights Amendment. Statistics still demonstrate that women typically earn only 75 cents to the dollar that men earn, which represents only a few cents increase in 4 decades of political action. Until Congress can recognize women as equals, they should not have to register for a military draft.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • The way things naturally and inherently are

    Our sports are, and always have been segregated. Women and Men do not compete against each other in the Olympics and the men's records are invariably higher. The fact is men are naturally stronger physically. War, the most deadly sport of all, is no different and should not be trifled with. This isn't an experiment. It's life or death.
    Think of the war-hardened veterans you know, maybe your grandpa. Think of the gruffness they have and the personal pain you see glimpses of at times that they try to hide. Think of they way their eyes tear up when they talk about the horrors they have witnessed. Now what if your grandmother was like this as well? Women are naturally nurturers. Men go to war to protect the lives and the liberty of their women and children. This is more than a tradition. This is the way things are for a reason.
    Men and women simply have different responsibilities. Men cannot bear children. This wonderful, natural occurrence binds mothers to their children in a way that is different form their fathers. Women's bodies are designed to give life, and Men's bodies are designed to protect it.

  • Think About the Family, Money, and About What Happens DURING the War

    If both men and women were inducted into the draft, then either the physical training for combat would be lowered for women or the majority of women would fail the male requirement test. While there are women who would do better then men, the majority would have to retake the test which takes time and money. If there was a draft, I believe that time would be an issue. If the women couldn't pass then they would probably end up filling the support roles, which forces more males into the frontline as there would probably be too many support units with women joining in. That's not equality. We would want to send our troops as fast as possible. If we lower the standards however, then our males wouldn't achieve their full potential and more dead bodies for us. Also, while married parents would probably be at the bottom of the draft, there still is a chance of them being drafted. I assume a conventional war, without nuclear weapons, would take a lot of people. Once the single men and women were drafted, the parents would be sent to fight. If the parents were sent to fight, who would watch the kids? The kids would grow up not knowing their parents. That is not equality for the children. Another issue is trying to create perfect soldiers. Perfect soldiers always obey without hesitance. If relationships were created in the front-lines, then a soldier's feeling might come in the way of his or her duties. If they don't obey, it could cost an entire unit their lives. There is also the topic of P.O.W. Who knows what would happen if women were sent to P.O.W. Camps? While I'd hate to bring sexual assault into a debate, it still is a factor. Personally, I think it's a privilege to not have to be in a draft and that women should enjoy it. If they really wanted to fight, then they could just sign up. But when the meat grinder gets going and we need soldiers, I'd rather have a man, a loyal brother, to watch my back instead of my girlfriend I met at basic training.

    -- ASquareD

  • Yes

    Quote from the official Supreme Court ruling on the subject: "the argument for registering women was based on considerations of equity, but Congress was entitled, in the exercise of its constitutional powers, to focus on the question of military need, rather than 'equity.'"

    Women can make wonderful soldiers and even surpass some male soldiers, but most cannot. That being said, if a women possessed the strength and ability to coincide with the men, I would gladly have her at my back in combat.

  • Woman are already treated the same in the military.

    Females in combat keep saying that they are given the same missions, weapons, armor, and vehicles. Nothing is actually different from a male soldier's experience. Plus, people are saying that women are physically not able to serve, but the military would train the soldiers so they actually fight, the drafting process does implement a test to see if they are fit, and there are other jobs when you are drafted. People also wouldn't have to worry about an entire family serving because Congress doesn't allow family members to be drafted at the same time.

  • How is this fair?

    For 300 years in America, men exchanged military service for the rights to vote. Women however, have received this right scottfree. If we truly want equality, then we must either sign them up or abolish the draft all together. Isn't this what you've always wanted ladies? No? I see you running around netting high-end military job.

  • I'm a female

    The first sentence of the article states that not all women are up to the challenges of warfare. No, they're not. Neither are all men. But you do what you have to do.
    I doubt the draft will be instituted after Vietnam, anyway. I'm a 23 yo professional, and have not registered (not having been required to, as a female), but I am about to.

  • I am woman, hear me roar! Equal pay for equal work.

    Woman want equality but it seems only when it benefits them. There are two sides to the coin. If women truly want equality then give it to them without special treatment in all areas of life. Let women pay for the date and open the door for men for a change. No more special treatment for being a female. NONE!

  • We have asked for equal rights for hundreds of years. Why stop now?

    The civil rights activists Susan B Anthony stated, "For any state to make a sex qualification that must ever result in the disfranchisement of one entire half of the people, is to pass a bill of attainder, or, an ex post facto law, and is therefore in violation of the supreme law of the land." Wouldn't this be a violation?

    Popular arguments regarding why women shouldn't register is biological reasoning. Who's going to look after the kids? However isn't this being stereotypical by assuming women need to be caregivers at home?
    After 80 years of constant promotion and effort towards women's rights, why begin to make limitations?

  • You can't choose your equality

    Not all equality is a good thing and picking and choosing what women determine as "equal" is wrong. Of course you don't hear an uproar over this though because it is a "bad equality" and women think that they aren't strong enough for this but are strong enough for management positions of our armed forces. Ridiculous, sign em up!

  • Who said any thing about fair?

    Service in an army proves you are an equal stake holder. If women want equal rights, then they should have to make an equal sacrifice. Liberty costs blood and it does not care the color creed, ethnicity or sex. It is a concept familiar to us all and if we love it, then defend it - to the last believer, man woman or child.

  • There is no reason to treat men and women differently

    Not only are women not required to register for the draft, they are not permitted to! This is absurd. Equality means all are treated the same, and that includes being subject to being called for military service if needed. Many women have served with great courage and distinction in our military forces.

  • It's a logical consequence.

    The reason (c. 1996) for not having women be draft-eligible was that women didn't serve in combat. Women now, by court ruling, may serve in combat. That reason isn't valid any more.

    In any case, a modern military is more than just front-line troops. In the event of a draft, the majority of draftees would be in logistics, transport or other "support" roles to free up existing troops. So the arguments about not being tough enough or "up to" fighting in the field don't really hold water either.

    There are protections in place to make sure that a potential draftee wouldn't be called if, say, that draftee was the sole guardian or support for a family. This would apply equally to men or women, and would take care of the argument about "taking care of children, elderly, orphans, etc". (Besides, it's kind of sexist to assume men can't, don't or won't do those things.)

    I understand a woman not WANTING to be drafted. Who does? I sure don't. Luckily, our all-volunteer military is set up in such a way that the various branches aren't in favor of conscription. Long story short, they don't want draftees, they want motivated volunteers.

  • Supporting children's needs

    Women should not have to register for the draft because who will then take care of the children if it does ever happen? The children would be left to survive on their own and take care of their siblings if they have any. Only men should have to register for draft because men are known to be stronger than women. Women should not have to register for the draft for these reasons.

  • Women are capable of many things.

    Yes, the choice to enlist and serve in a front line position is not the same as being pushed into the draft. However, as the Pentagon noted, women can be seen fit to serve in the front line. Just because there is a draft doesn't mean that everyone pulled in will be fulfilling a front line position. They could also fill other needed roles in the ranks. Israel utilizes a draft like system, where women also serve, but in the capacity that the military see fit.

    If we are to strive for full equality in the USA, then something as pure as serving your country in a time of need, should not be shared by a few, but all.

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