Why do Muslims follow a man who raped a nine-year-old?

Asked by: David_Nichols
  • Muslims follow a digusting prophet because of misinformation and brainwashing

    As a young child, People always told me of how amazing allah and his messenger was. They told stories of his goodness, And always hid his badness. When I discovered how he raped aisha, And asked people about it, They tried to justify his actions. They told me that 'thinking leads to sin'. They followed a cult like mentality. I realised this, And left the religion.

    I've seen so much misinformation being spread about islam, And i am fed up of people hiding the truth.

  • Consent is irrelevant.

    It is ALWAYS rape for a fifty-year-old man to have sex with a nine-year-old, And there is no such thing as a child consenting to the act; a child does not know what is best for her. Lastly, To penetrate a child is to psychologically damage a child. It is a heinous crime.

  • Kids need to be kids

    I can accept LGBT because at least they marry people of their age plus it has consent but adults marrying kids. That cannot happen unless the kid is fine skipping out on childhood to marry a grown up. Plus child strippers, What is wrong with humanity. You know, Maybe we really should rethink our ways.

  • It was with consent

    During that time pedophilia wasn’t actually a bad thing and that wasn’t a rule against them during the time. Besides it was with consent and now kids are becoming drag and a few have been performing at strip clubs with adults throwing money at them (research Desmond is amazing). He performed at a strip club as a drag kid and an lgbt kid.

  • You're a fool and probably a liar.

    He didn't rape her you damn fool. . He married her. And asking questions isn't a sin in Islam I bet you're lieing! At the prophets time its was very normal for the ppl to marry girls at that age, So don't judge the prophet Muhammad with the customs and traditions of 2020 instead judge him with the customs and traditions of his time.

  • Don't think it was a rape at their time.

    She was engaged to man before him when she was 6 and then they broke up, After that he engaged with her. When she became 9 he had sex with her.
    I believe for them that was pretty normal age for a girl to marry.
    As it is now for countries as Iran etc
    Soo was that rapping? Actually no
    But is it nowadays? Yeah indeed

  • Rape? Who said?

    Aisha (ra) was not a child, She was of age (past puberty) and had the mental capability to consent. Even before she was engaged to the Prophet (peace be upon him), Another man had wanted to marry her. Finally she was not psychologically damaged; she remained married happily, She was well respected by the people and was one of the foremost transmitters of narrations (hadith) even after the Prophet's death.
    Muslims follow the Prophet (peace be upon him) because he had revelation and was the most pious and upright man on the planet. Even the disbelievers at the time attested to his trustworthiness.

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David_Nichols says2020-10-29T18:22:08.547
Child sex is ALWAYS wrong, And it is STILL legal in Islam (sharia law).
OceanBeach says2021-02-19T20:19:13.603
You are assuming rape means man to woman. It could (even if it is rare) be the other way.

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