Why do Muslims get more tolerance than Christians; and why is there culture more respected even though they are an open threat to america?

Asked by: Nickshelly
  • What About 9/11?

    That was the fault of Muslims right? Have you ever heard of true Christians doing something so horrific as that? I have also heard many cases of Muslim's practicing human sacrifice, specifically child sacrifice! This is absolutely immoral. What makes on child better than the other? Nothing. God created us all equally. He tells us to be nice to "The Least of These," meaning children.

  • Because we are scared of them

    Its like bullies. They get they want or you get hurt. I am not Christian but I think Christians usually have good values. Some don't but generally they do. Some Muslims say they are peaceful, but when it comes to the time when they want to take over, who says they won't agree. In other countries, such as Dubai, it is illegal to eat food in public during one of their sacred months. If you do, you will be arrested. This extremely unfair when you consider how much we bend the rules for them...

  • In what way?

    What are your sources for Muslims getting more tolerance than Christians? And how are they an open threat to America?
    Right now your question is an over generalization and in my opinion is not correct. Also, not really formatted as a Yes or No question.
    If you can list your sources I can try to rebut them, but until then I cannot answer your question correctly.

  • Really? Where did you get that information?

    Most of the Muslims don''t get tolerated incase you haven't noticed. With ISIS starting up most people sum up that Muslims are associated with ISIS, which is unfair and untrue. ISIS has killed Muslims as well as Christians so you can't put terrorism and religion together. Also, you have absolutely no proof that Muslims get more tolerance. I am a Christian so don't expect that I am being biased. If you actually gave some proof then maybe I would change my mind.

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