Why do North Americans call themselves "Americans", I know it´s a stupid question

Asked by: SGR
  • I mean, what's the alternative?

    Seriously, people from Canada are Canadians, people from Mexico are Mexicans, but people from the United States of America, are not called "United Staters". That doesn't make grammatical sense. American is the only logical demonym for people from the USA. It's not because we consider ourselves the sole people from the continent, it's because we have no alternative.

  • I don´t see why some north Americans consider themselves America as a whole.

    If I am wrong of this , please explain it too me, it has been bugging me for a while, but I don´t see the meaning of everyone saying that the U.S is "America". They are a part but not the whole thing. Im just putting thislast part that you are reading so I can submit this damn opinion.

    Posted by: SGR

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