Why do people abusive their significant other in relationships?

Asked by: gracem
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  • I don't really see how this is a yes or no question but I digress

    People are abusive for many different reasons and the reasons manifest themselves in different ways. A lot of times verbal abuse is due to insecurity. Telling your partner that they are not allowed to have other friends of the opposite gender or constantly stalking their phone and social media in an unhealthy way is a common way that this manifests. Physical violence can stem from stress and misplaced anger. Maybe the aggresor loses their job or is having a tough time so they blame it on their partner due to a lack of responsiblity and feel that physical violence is the best way to teach them a lesson. The person that is being abused in the relationship should consult either the police or a therapist or both to help settle their problems before things get much worse.

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