Why do people have an issue with the general idea of feminism?

Asked by: Whistle203
  • Because it is misused.

    Many people are unsure of the general idea of feminism as the wide array of people claiming to represent feminism present inconsistent arguments. I am strongly for feminism in regards to many (most) third world countries, as gender inequality is rampant in their cultures and political systems. I do not support feminism in western countries such as UK, USA, Australia and Canada etc. This is because gender equality has already been achieved in these countries (equal legal rights in all aspects) and supporting its ideals, subtracts from conversation and resources that could be contributed to more important issues, such as, gender inequality in the third world.

  • The general idea of feminism in north america is ...

    And never has been about equility. Its always been only about having equility where they want it and ignoring it where they control it.
    Take the draft law. Every women in america freely ignores that a young man right beside them at a government office is having to sign his life away to protect you if demanded. True equality would see feminist challenging this. Protection is something women demand and expect. Women only businesses are ok but not for men only.
    Women continue to ignore gender equality regarding family and children and choices of staying at home.
    Pretty obvious that here in america its never been about equality.

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