Why do people try to push Men to accept overweight women and make them believe that overweight women are attractive?

  • I recently called by a shallow a mutual friend when I mentioned that I would not date a woman who is overweight.

    Personally I do not think I was wrong for my standards against fat women and I don't think that that makes me shallow. I think its wrong to accept someone who is Overweight because you only support their unhealthy eating habits. I think that being overweight and not taking care of your body when in a relationship is selfish and shows that you have little care about attracting your mate. What do you think?

  • Supply and demand

    Because there aren't enough thin men to go around, society encourages fat women to try and satisfy their ridiculous expectations by shaming/pressuring thin men into finding them attractive. Funny how many times I've seen blog posts or online articles written by fat women desiring thin men, yet they rarely entertain the idea of wanting a fat man.

  • Tons of hypocrisy

    Women have a lot of per se rules against men they date. I've often seen the following

    1) At least a certain height
    2) Cannot be of a certain race
    3) Must have a certain degree or educationa background
    4) Must be of a certain age
    5) Usually after youve already met, must meet financial qualifications

    As shallow as some of these criteria might appear to you, they are all accepted, and I rarely see women get hassled for them. So why are so many overweight women surprised when men apply the same standards?

    Like it or not, asking that your mate be in healthy shape is not asking the impossible. Its natural. Its natural because, heart disease and the myriad of ailments that stem from being overweight are not meant to be attractive. There is nothing beautiful about heart disease. There is nothing beautiful about the fact that it kills more people than cancer.

    While some might argue (and erroneously state) that society is the only influencer, biology also programs most people to shy away from physical characteristics which indicate that they wouldnt make good mates. Being overweight is one of those characteristics, especially in the modern day where we are not faced with long gaps with no food.

  • Everyone can love who they want.

    I personally have no patience for things I find disgusting or useless. The picture above shows both a useless amount of weight and is quite disgusting. I find the whole 'everyone is beautiful' movement to be idiotic at it's very core. If someone see's someone else as disgusting, they should not be called shallow. If they want the entire planet to become obese and useless, that's on them. They shouldn't force it on the rest of us.

  • You are free to be attracted to whomever you so desire and not be ashamed to do so.

    I myself find skinny women gross, but that is my preference. There is nothing forcing you to find overweight women attractive. In fact, you can find them utterly revolting if you so desire and refuse to date them. It is cruel, however to demean people about their weight. Someone who is overweight knows that they are overweight and as such, doesn't need to be reminded of that fact. Personal preference and belief, however, is a fundamental right in my opinion.

  • This isn't a yes or no question, but...

    You shouldn't feel forced to be attracted to someone who's overweight. I wouldn't be attracted to a very overweight man. However, I think it's a bit judgmental to not accept someone who's overweight - just as it would be not to accept someone who is underweight. When it comes down to it, everyone has their problems. For some people, those problems concern weight. Accepting an overweight doesn't mean encouraging their eating habits. It could mean giving them the confidence and self-esteem to start eating healthy. Too many overweight or "chubby" individuals are bullied. That will only worsen their eating problems. It would be better to use a friendship to encourage a healthy lifestyle than use rejection to "shape" the country. Rejection is not healthy for people to experience.

    In any case, women are *generally* self-conscious. They want to believe they're attractive. If men generally accept overweight women, they will tend to feel better about their own weight. As slender and thin is what's generally "attractive." That should answer the question.

  • Healthy is more than thin or fat

    I think healthy people should seek out healthy people. I dont care whos attracted to who its their choice, but i couldnt date anyone of an unhealthy weight no matter how great their personality. The first thing i consider is health, then personality, then genetics, then financial stability. After all are met I can consider a relationship.

  • Our Population Today

    Well, take this woman in the picture for example; she is eating a burger, and clearly, she is no size 0. But I do think that our world/society has been so driven to give people who are bigger a leverage by empowering men to have more attraction towards them. Now, look; everyone has their preferences, whether it is towards skinny or fat girls. Neither skinny or fat is a compliment, get that through your mindset right now. Back on topic though, personally, I feel as if overweight women and underweight women should not have any sort of bias that kind of forces men to be attracted to them. Everyone has their preferences and people should not care whether or not that individual is overweight or underweight.

  • It's the opposite

    American big corporations are actually pushing men to think ill-thin women with fake breasts are more attractive. Now, let's talk about "people" in general, as you mentioned. It is completely fallacious to believe that people in general are forcing men to like something particular, as you have no objective perception to prove your point. If we assume that overweight women deserve to be appreciated, that would be because they might be beautiful on the inside and not too concerned about their appearance, i. E. Not entirely dependent on biased media.

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ben671176 says2014-07-08T22:41:48.083
Idk. BBW?
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-08T23:30:25.787
This question needs to be restated.
Shockice says2014-07-09T00:16:46.790
This isn't a question that can be answered Yes or No.
1814Username says2014-07-09T00:31:32.717
This isn't a yes or no question. The answer to your question is that everyone in America is politically correct. I have heard the same things you have. People that have tried to convince me that an overweight woman is attractive when she was not. But that is my own opinion and there may be someone out there that thinks an overweight person is attractive. Each to his or her own.
Heterodox says2014-07-09T02:45:43.967
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
I cannot say that I find all fat women unattractive, I have not met all fat women. I can say I have not yet found one I have been attracted to. The good news, for women, you don't need to be attractive -- least not to get a little bump n grind.

People are always trying to push their opinions onto others, here we have an entire forum dedicated to just that. Why do they do that? Because people like to think they are right, it gives them comfort.