Why do people whine about narcissistic people but keep getting involved with them and marry them over and over again

  • They love being in drama

    They are drawn to superficiality even when they see it miles in front of them it’s a pretty facade like a crow drawn to shiny objects also people crave drama constant excitement and ups and downs making up its sexually stimulating and they hate being Bored Nice people are booooring yawn they also are under the assumption they can change the narcissistic person into loving them if that happened then they would become bored after awhile themselves quit torturing yourself

  • It's not as simple as wanting.

    Being in a toxic relationship is complicated. Victims feel as though they are the faulty one, Or that if they can just ride out the problem, Things will get better. If the victim tries to leave or fights back, The abuser will act like a victim themselves, And they'll gaslight the victim into submitting.
    Abusers will have 'honeymoon phases' where they'll act like everything is perfect before lapsing back into a terrible relationship again. They'll cut down the victim's self-esteem and make them need them.

    Sometimes victims will get the courage to leave, And the abuser will take them right back in again. They make it impossible for the victim to leave.

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