Why do some people associate organ music with funerals? Organ music is also played at weddings, Christmas, Easter, & on ordinary Sundays.

Asked by: OrganGeek
  • Organ Music is Beautiful For All Occasions

    Organ music is beautiful for all occasions. Not just funerals. It is especially beautiful for joyous occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Baptisms, & confirmations. I think it is unfair to automatically associate such beautiful music with funerals instead of associating it with happy occasions. I hope someone agrees with me.

  • The organ is creepy

    Cheerful songs just sound so bad on the organ. An accordion is better than an organ.

    Just listen to bach on the organ and fugue. The organ is only good at playing very creepy music.

    When the piano came it replaced the organ. Most people prefer the piano over the organ. The piano can play softly and deep rich tones.

    Most churches even have a piano instead of an organ.

    The only place where you can find organs are with traditionalists that like the organ because of pure tradition.

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