Why do we only ever hear about white slave traders and never about black slave owners or muslem slave

  • Not a black and white issue.

    Fact is, Slavery of one kind or another existed in every part of the world by people of every race. Many times it was out of conquest and other times it was because of debt.
    If you really want to blame someone for the black slaves sold in the U. S. Prior to the Civil War, Blame black people. Obviously the majority would have been captured and initially sold to slave traders by other black people who knew the area. Had they not been purchased by white slave traders, They would have either been sold to other tribes, Used as their slaves, Or killed. Funny how some claim they are the descendants of kings and queens but odds are, If a tribe is conquered, The royal family would be slaughtered to prevent them claiming back their throne.
    Believe it or not, Slavery still exists in the U. S. As thousands of Hispanics are sold as sex slaves by the cartels in their human trafficking rings. Yes, Again, They are selling their own people into slavery.

  • They are subhuman

    Its ok for property to possess property, But not ok for PEOPLE to possess property. Its been a failure to personify the subhuman degenerate. Look around, Their stench is everywhere they've infected. The USA was the first to abolish slavery, Yet. . . . . More blacks in America owned more slaves than whites in 1850. At the same time, There were 4 million black slaves in America, There were 12 Million white slaves in Europe. In all of American slavery's 100 year timespan, Less than 4k niggers where lynched. Today blacks kill double to triple that number each year. Diversity ensures that the collective will never threaten the ruling class. Desegregation exists NOWHERE in nature. It is UNnatural. Birds of a feather flock together. I care not for the soulless subhuman that is a cancer on every civilized society. If one in three black males will be convicted of a felony, And we know that the police do not catch every crime and criminal, Than facts should prevail.

  • Black Slave Traders

    Why do we never ever hear about black the awful black slave trade along with muslem slave trades yet white people are utterly demonized for having slaves and do Afro Americans wish it had never happened and they were back in Africa? It is very unfair and biased to think

  • Because our academia is governed by Jews.

    At least 40% of slave owners were Jews, Despite less than 2% of Americans owning slaves, According to the US Government census of 1860. The considerable part of the hereditary hatred of the European masses toward the Jews is ascribed to this historic fact. They were mediators and factors in this traffic, And the most extensive slave-traders all over Europe. When parts of America tried to ban slavery, Jews either fought against the abolishment, Or ignored the ban on slavery. Even the Talmud says their goal is to have almost 3, 000 slaves per Jew. It has to come to a few people's realization that slaves were not only based on race, But largely over being in debt. Jews remain in power over the nation by keeping us in debt and ultimately blaming Whites for what Jews had done to all races.

  • Because those whites slave owners are degenerates.

    White people should have left Africa and America alone. They invaded a land and then brought people over. Muslims were all about trading and the white slave owners wanted in. You have no facts only tall wife tales you tell each other.
    White people have killed more people in America than black people do. You are twisted facts and perverting the truth just so you can feel better about yourself.
    White people are the biggest liars who are in total denial of themselves. You call yourself a peaceful and just society and then from your mouth comes forth vile hatred and violence. You like killing people with guns like animals.
    Without your guns you are nothing I can beat you with my hands so you hide behind your metal. Black people are better than you so your tried to give them drugs but you white people became drug addicts instead. Your are the reason why your people are dying. White women are just waking up to the fact that they do not need a white man who is always angry and who blows their money off on beer and guns. They can find better men. The least I can do is marry a white woman. I will treat her the right way and have plenty of mixed babies.

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