Why do you believe your religion? (YES) or Why dont you believe any religion? (NO)

Asked by: o0jeannie0o
  • I have many believes.

    I have been exposed to many religions from the time I was 6 years old.
    Now I am 24 years of age. And I am a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS. Why? Most of my story will literally shock you, as many people think I'm making it up. So I stop telling people my story. The Jehovah Witness are hated by so many people for no good reason. But if one takes the time to really know them, they have never participate in any government affairs. And will not support any war. They have truly remain neutral to the world.

    The Jehovah Witnesses go deeper into the understanding of the Bible. Men with PHD in so many fields have dedicated their time into looking into the Bible free of their time.
    Believe it or not, they are also the most organized organization on this planet, and I say that with confidence. If a natural disaster happened in any city, Jehovah Witnesses volunteers helpers will be the first on site. But you will not see this in any media.

    Because of them I have come to truly understand the Bible inside out. And I feel more then confidence to answer any questions from the Bible. It was after I turned 13 years old that I started seeing all the other false religions. I was just simply amazed. Atheists, or people who consider themselves to be associated with such titles, have very little understanding of the Bible.

  • I believe in Christianity because I have put all my Faith in The Lord Jesus.

    I'm not saying that there is no evidence for Christianity, because there certainly is, but for me evidence is a cool side effect of the Faith. I read the Bible everyday and try to become a better Christian in order to do the will of God the Father. Thank you for listening to me and may God bless you all!

  • I am a Wiccan because

    It is a religion of knowledge and respect. Wicca is a hard religion to discribe becasuse it is so eclectic but there are some constants. I love that Wicca believes we are put on this earth to learn. I love that there is no dogma, and that it is not only willing to change but expects it. I love that wicca celebrates both female energy as well as male and that no one is better than another. " An it harm none do as ye will" (the wiccan rede) can be applied to almost everything in life ethically and when wiccans found out it couldent cover everything we added "an it harm some do as ye ought" I Love that Wicca does not claim that it is the only one way to god or goddess. I love being a wiccan because there is no "the devil made me do it", I am responsable for my consequence, actions and reactions. I love wicca because nothing is a "sin" and If i am "right" than no one goes to hell.

  • I am a born again child of God.

    Before I believed, I persecuted Christians. I thought it was the most stupid thing in the world that there was some God out there. I thought Christians were crazy and hateful. Then when I met my husband, he didn't force his religeon on me, he slowly talked to me about his religeon and I slowly began to understand. I realised I needed to be saved by Jesus, so I repented and now I am born again. It may seem impossible but I do feel a connection to the Lord. I can feel Him change my heart and I can feel His presence. It's something you cannot describe but I know He is real. Every prayer that I have prayed gets answered. That may seem impossible too but I know it's true. This is why I believe, I feel Him, prayers get answered, His word makes sense and I can see Him (not litterally but in what he does).

  • I believe in Christianity because I love God and want to share his love

    There is a lot of evidence that Christianity is the right religion and that the Christ was and is real. There are many research papers done on the authenticity of the Bible and they can all conclude that the Bible is genuine. Also, the fact that Catholicism has stayed put without changing any of its teachings for 2000 years is amazing and shows divine intervention. Mainly I see God's love in others and in myself and I know that it is truly God's love in them.

  • Yes you should

    Why would you not! If you belive in nothing then there is no point to exsistance. And even if he isnt real better safe than sorry. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • Their claims don't hold up.

    Religion and religious texts/scriptures are sets of truth claims. There have been thousands of religions postulated as the "truth" throughout human history. None of these religions have held up to modern science. I'm not saying that the POSSIBILITY of any religion being true is absolutely set in stone. However, I choose to believe scientists that are determined to find objective realities of the universe rather than ancient desert philosophers who knew very little about the reality in which we live.

  • I don't believe in any religion because they are all contradictory and cant all be true and....

    None are more profound than the others like you would expect an all knowing gods religion to be if he wrote one. None of them are so profound that they couldn't have been written by men and as they are so stupid and ridiculous and have opposed every moral progress like ending slavery, diminution of war, gay rights etc. I have to say that they are the principal enemy of moral progress in the world. Here is how they oppose moral progress. They indoctrinate people with the idea that they know right from wrong as children and all they are doing is believing in a moral code that was created at a time when people clearly didn't know right from wrong. In this country we pray to jesus. In Islam they pray to allah. In china they pray to someone else but in every country their are atheists and agnostics who think the same exact way as the atheists and agnostics in other countries and don't want to kill each other like religious people do. Bad behavior is the result of bad moral views and we have religion to think for that.

  • I Do Not Affiliate With Any Religion Nor Do I Believe In Any Deity

    I have any reasons for not believing. I'll explain them all briefly. A big one is there is no evidence. We have no signs of any deity of any religion ever being on earth or any of the ideas holy books propose. The second reason is the serious moral problems of many holy books. Many are riddled with violence, sexism, rape, and other horrible things being done with either no repercussion from God or even approval of it. Thirdly, and kind of going along with my second reason, when the book is followed completely, people do horrible things in that book's name or their God. There's just been so much killing and bloodshed over them that sometimes I feel the world would be better without them.

  • I used to be a Christian but then i saw some flaws.

    Firstly, is the fact that God appeared to be very cruel, allowing deaths and murders to occur in his name. This to me was very off-putting because i did not want to believe in a all powerful cruel God.
    Secondly, is the fact that it appears to me that many want to believe in the religion in order to feel secure about their existence after death. Death terrifies us and i feel as a result, some tried to create an after world for themselves, which they could look forward to.
    Finally, i feel the evidence that one looks for to assure themselves of their God's existence is not convincing. It is prone to confirmation or hindsight bias - or just general stubbornness.

  • I do not believe in a deity or identify as a member of a religion for reasons of proof.

    While absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, you do need evidence to prove something true. For instance, say I tell somebody I have a big fluffy unicorn in my closet that only comes out when nobody but myself is looking. If anybody tries to come in when he comes out, he hides before they get in and can look. Cameras and other recording equipment won't work. I'm sure most people would not believe me because I have no proof this actually happens and can't collect said proof. Now, instead of the big fluffy unicorn, we have gods/goddesses. It's the same thing. There is no evidence of this actually occurring. Yes, I know, someone like myself doesn't have evidence he doesn't exist, I can hear it now. But the burden of proof doesn't lie on me, because I don't actively claim there is no god, rather, I just say I have not been convinced there is a god or seen proof of it. A Christian, Muslim, or any religious person for that matter who claims some supernatural entity is real has the burden of proof, since they actively claim something. If someone could provide me to proof one day of a god's existence, then I would believe in it because it would be proven true. Until that day, I remain with no religious affiliation.

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