• Graffiti is art

    People love art and some people want to share graffiti actually is the thing that got me into drawing, graffiti can be inspiration and sometimes it can make u happy like me, Remember when you say to not do graffiti ur actually saying to not do art remember that :)

  • Graffiti is beautiful

    People love beauty, beauty is art, art is feeling and feeling is us. If you take away beauty you take away art, if you take away art you take away feeling, if you take away feeling you take away us. Do you want to see us live up to our dreams or do you want to see us be sad and mope around all the time. Don't take my word for it, it's your choice.

  • It would get out of control

    I love graffiti and do it myself but i think that if graffiti would be legalized than it would get of control. Also way more crap would come on walls because people who suck . Graffiti is only art when it is illegal because that keeps people away who are unskilled.

  • Laws are the stage the graffiti artist dances on

    I honestly think that if graffiti was legalized, it wouldn't be as thrilling or exciting anymore. Laws are the stage that the graffiti artist dances on, and if there's no stage, there's no performance. I feel like it should be kept illegal only for the sake of the art itself. Where's the fun in doing something that has no risk?

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