Why do you think it's important to keep the environment clean?

  • Dead habitat = dead residents

    Its just that simple.

    If a pond becomes anoxic, Its inhabitants die. When winter comes, The plants wither. If you lived inside the exclusion zone around Chernobyl, You wouldn't live for very long.

    To live we must have a habitat to live in -- clean water, Fresh air, Nutritious food, And shelter from the elements. Without food, You have 3 weeks. Without water, 3 days. Without air, 3 minutes. Give or take.

    A clean environment provides: clean air, Clean water, The ingredients needed to produce nutritious foods. . .

    We debate an awful lot about catch-phrases like 'global warming' and 'climate change' but then ignore myriad mistakes like tossing cigarette filters and old furniture out, Dumping toxic wastes, Overflowing landfills, Pumping substances into our air that we can't even identify half the time, And if the concentration of these things get high enough, Pretty much any one of them will kill us.

    So, Why is it important to keep the environment clean (or rather, Clean up the messes we've already made)?

    Because we like being alive.

    We like our children and will probably like our grandkids too, And we want them to be alive as well. Its not rocket science.

  • Yes f o o l s

    You live in this environment. It is your job to take care of it before our species goes extinct.

    I f y o u w a n t t h e p l a n e t t o s u r v i v e DO YOUR FUCKING PART

  • With common sense.

    This Green New Deal is just ignorant. The whole idea of replacing fossil with solar power makes no sense. Power plants tend to be close to where the power is needed for a good reason. Energy is dispersed as it flows through power lines. The longer the line, The more power that is lost. Tho roof top solar panels may fill the need of the single family home, How would you provide power to a city building that has much less square feet of roof space per person. This means that you would need replace city green spaces with solar/wind farms. Not only would that mean changing things like Central Park into Central Solar Array but it would also mean cutting down all the trees. Last I heard, Trees are good for the environment yet the plan would require cutting them all down. On top of that, Most of our biggest cities are in the north where we have something called SNOW in the winter. Pretty sure solar panels don't work so well covered with ice and snow so if you thought keeping our city streets clear of snow was a challenge, Try doing it on top of tall towers covered in glass. Not like you can use road salt or plows on them. Then there is the shear cost. Your at least talking about doubling the national debt (again) or worse. Then there is the cost to the citizens. If you drive, Guess what, You will need to get a new car weather you can afford it or not. On top of that, These new electric cars can cost double or triple what gas powered twins cost. Yet another issue is having cars people actually want. Recently, GM has closed many of it's plants due to people moving away from small cars and sedans to the more popular SUV's. To the best of my knowledge, No car company makes a total electric SUV or crossover and if we can assume the cost would at least double for them, Imagine what you will need to spend on a brand new electric SUV. Tho some people like those in congress may have enough spare cash to afford such an expense, What about the rest of the people?
    Let's look at the shinning example of liberal policy (California). Sure, You have less things like straws and throw away cups on the sidewalks of their cities but now they are full of syringes, Human feces, And homeless encampments. Free health care but with the 5 hr. Wait times, I hope it's not an emergency. Let's not forget some of the highest tax rates. No wonder so many people are leaving.

  • You think people care

    Go to any local park, Most have shit everywhere on the ground, From ciggies to sometime even mattresses. Some people who move to the U. S use parks as a garbage dump for things they don't need, And you not what? I'm all for that! Fuck the environment! The moment we started using coal we had already doomed the environment

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