• Only when it has an advantage to you. . . .

    Gender equality is just like everything else that can or not set us aside. If it provides a gain, Control, Power, Money or just advantage then people will use their difference to enjoy that offering. As seen so much with women when they want to stay home instead of work. Or after divorce to keep the kids. Not go to fight lines to fight. Go outside in middle of night because of a noise. When it requires women very quickly point out that they are women and different to justify.

  • It adds diversity of ideas

    Gender shouldn't play a role in employment or in debates. What should matter is the quality of a person's argument. Merely because someone is a female doesn't mean they aren't cognitively equipped to form intelligent opinions on a wide variety of topics. I absolutely detest Feminism and places of employment discriminating against white men. You should hire someone based upon their credentials and experience not by their skin color or reproductive organs.

  • Gender equality is the pillar of justice and democracy

    Justice and democracy are important for any society to function. They provide civil liberties and other constitutional requirements. A major building block for these is gender equality. Without gender equality, One degrades to condition where the testimony of one man is worth that of 2 women (as in Saudi Arabia). In which aspect are boys better than girls? The debate is sidelined on accounts on one-off anecdotes by other individuals. Equality can only save the nation.

  • Yes it matters

    Gender balance matters in society because it gives everyone an equal opportunity to contribute to the development of the community. When there is no gender balance, It means there is an imbalance in the community. When there is an imbalance in the community, It means that the community is not healthy.

  • Girls suck!

    Gender equality doesn't madder boys are better than girls. Gender balance doesn't matter in society. Boys are better than girls. Boys are better than girls. Boys are better than girls. Boys are better than girls. Boys are better than girls. Boys are better than girls. Boys are better than girls.

  • Recent events changed my mind

    I just learned that a close friend of my father had an HR complaint of sexual assault for talking about his colon cancer.

    What the f**k.

    Balance is one thing, But that's not f***ing balanced. I try to look at people as people, But after some shit like that how the f**k am I supposed to feel safe in any environment (especially a hospital) where talk like that is all over the place, And run by women. Destroyed someones life who doesn't even have much time left on this earth.

    I still can't f***ing believe it.

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