Why does it have to be Democrat vs. Republican or Party A vs Party B?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • Why can't it be Republican vs. Republican or Party A vs Party A?

    Why is a presidential election, being forced between multiple parties? What if the second party really doesn't have a better qualified candidate, but wins through manipulation? That's a serous consequence for a country! And what if the first party has two or three better qualified candidates over the entire second party? Wouldn't it be more beneficial for a countries welfare, to have the two top contenders of ALL candidates combined, to chose from, when electing their President? Is a forced two party contention a handicap that needs to be fixed?

  • No, it doesn't.

    The political system does not have to be A or B. Other party options aren't often seen on the U.S. ballad, because they aren't large enough or their candidates run under the name of the two major parties. There's growing popularity in the Libertarian and Socialist parties in America. Anarchy is also

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