Why doesnt Mojang Update minecraft faster? I mean they got an entire team!

Asked by: SuperSwineFTWYT
  • They should update the game more frequently as it leads to mods being my only source of fun.

    They have an entire team, a humongous fanbase, yet mods still out do them constantly. Modders create so many new textures so much faster than Minecraft and create so many complicated mod packs that add hours of gameplay and learning to be had, while Minecraft doesn’t seem to add much at all with each new update, I will forever love the game but I have nearly all interest for the fact that it simple isn’t keeping with popular demand and want.

  • Its very hard to update!!!!

    Updating a game isn't that easy, it takes a lot of time to develop new models and textures. IF you really know how to update a game, you should go freaking update it yourself and YOU WILL KNOW HOW HARD IT IS SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is simple kid stuff u know dumbass!!!!

  • They can use all the time they need.

    This is Mojang we're talking about. Minecraft gets updated, okay? If it's not fast enough for you then play a different game! Minecraft is a marvelous game that I love, but they do not need to update it faster. They created it, aren't you happy that they did? Wouldn't you rather it not be updated then to not have it?

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